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Is Golden Innocent?

The third chapter of #ChooseThePlot has landed!

The wonderful Jane Casey has taken up the pen for this instalment, after James Oswald asked you what it was that DCI Black discovered – Ian’s body, or an empty flat?

We asked you to vote, and it turns out you didn’t think much of Ian and have decided to bump him off.

The story so far:

Ian’s ex-wife Mandy is dead. Her lover is dead. Now Ian is dead too.

DCI Serena Black discovers Ian wasn’t a hapless criminal, but an undercover police officer. Maybe it’s a coincidence that he spoke to drug-dealing gangster Alessandro and his trained killer just before he was shot – or maybe not. Alessandro’s main target is the waitress, Golden, who knows everything about him and his business. Although married to Alessandro’s rival, she comes to the police for help. But when Golden disappears, the case breaks wide open…

Just as DCI Serena Black is about to admit defeat, a new clue presents itself.

“Serena had reached a dead end. Or had she? Something lay on the ground beside Charlie’s head. Something that didn’t belong there. Something that made Serena realise she’d been wrong about just about everything so far….”

Was Golden manipulating the police all along? YOU decide!

What happens next? You decide! Head over to the Specsavers website now to read the third chapter, ‘Dead Man’s Buff’. We’ll be returning to the fourth and final chapter with Christopher Fowler, so #ChooseThePlot and make sure you make the right decision!

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