Innocent episode 2 review

innocent episode 2 review

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It would be a lot easier to work out who the murderer is in TV crime dramas if people stopped lying all the time, wouldn’t it? And, presumably, it’d make an investigating police officer’s job a whole lot simpler too. But, alas, life isn’t as helpful as that.

We’re now at the halfway point of ITV 1’s Innocent, the new week-long murder mystery from M J Arlidge and Chris Lang – the ‘mystery’ aspect being whether Lee Ingleby’s David Collins character is actually responsible for the murder of his wife or not despite being formally acquitted for the crime after serving seven years inside for it.

Episode 2 seemingly brought us no closer to uncovering the truth. Now, of course, David could be responsible. That big disclosure at the end of the series would be quite the reveal. But with so many other characters connected to the murdered Tara Collins, it’s hard to point the crooked finger of guilt at anyone at this early stage.

Alright, so onto the liars. We have plenty of them too:

Alice – Tara’s sister initially portrayed their relationship as rosy. But a quick dig around text messages between the two of them by DI Hudson’s team soon showed some serious animosity between the pair. Alice had even assaulted her younger sister shortly before she died. She also has a secret stash of Prozac she’s not telling anyone about and a rather creepy way of making her adoptive children call her ‘mum’, despite their real mother being her sibling and not having been dead a decade. She also lied to the police about the true nature of her infertility issue. She’s a shifty lady, to say the least.

Tom – David’s smarmy old pal lied to everyone about his affair with Tara. With good reason. He also lied about how Tara got her fractured cheekbone. Also with good reason. He’s a sleazeball that can’t be trusted, but is he a killer? Who knows. If he is, he needs to murder his interior designer.

DCI Beech – As DI Hudson soon discovers, her lover’s previous investigation into Tara’s killing skimmed over quite a few facts. Ideas were ‘massaged’, statements were embellished and certain unhelpful facts ignored. Why was he covering up so much? His claim is that it’s not unusual when trying to nail a murderer. ‘Inconvenient truths’ can often get in the way. But is there more to it than that…?

Rob – Alice’s sympathetic husband seems a nice guy and, to be fair, he’s seemingly kept his fibbing to a minimum. But as the last scene of episode 2 showed us, he is a dab hand at tying strong knots. Not unusual for a man working on a boatyard, admittedly. But, as we know, Tara’s body was ‘securely tied with rope’. Dodgy.

David – He seems legit, right? But he’s only just admitting that there were problems between him and his wife before her murder. That whole ‘blood on the coat’ thing still lingers too. He’s quick to violence as well. Could that be attributed to seven years of prison life? Resentment at his position? Or is he secretly a ball of rage that really is capable of murder?

Lies, lies, lies… Still, crime dramas wouldn’t be much fun without them, would they?


Police Officer: Did you do it?

Suspect: Yes I did.

Police officer: Right. You’re under arrest, then.


We’ll be tuning in for part three of Innocent on Wednesday night at 9pm on ITV 1. See you there.

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