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The CRIME trilogy books in order

Looking for Irvine Welsh’s CRIME trilogy books in order? Look no further!

This dark series follows Detective Ray Lennox as he investigates some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, from paedophile rings to gruesome murders. As he delves further into the dark underbelly of society, he’s left wondering just who he can really trust…

The adventures of Welsh’s hardboiled Scottish cop aren’t for the faint-hearted, but if you love a well-crafted, gritty mystery with plenty of gore, then you’ll be hooked. The second book in the series is out at the end of August, and the third is already in the works.

Here are Irvine Welsh’s CRIME trilogy books in order.

Irvine Welsh’s CRIME trilogy books in order:

Crime by Irvine Welsh

1. Crime (2008)

Detective Inspector Ray Lennox has fled to Miami to escape the aftermath of a mental breakdown induced by occupational stress and cocaine abuse, and a harrowing child-sex murder case back in Edinburgh. But his fiancée Trudi is only interested in planning their wedding, and soon Lennox cast adrift, alone in Florida.

A coke-fuelled binge brings him into contact with another victim of sexual predation, ten-year-old Tianna, and Lennox flees across the state with his terrified charge, determined to protect her at any cost. But can Lennox trust his own instincts? And can he handle Tianna, while still trying to get to grips with the Edinburgh murder?

The Long Knives by Irvine Welsh

2. The Long Knives (2022)

Ritchie Gulliver MP is dead. Castrated and left to bleed in an empty Leith warehouse. Vicious, racist and corrupt, many thought he had it coming. But nobody could have predicted this.

After the life Gulliver has led, the suspects are many: corporate rivals, political opponents, the countless groups he’s offended. And the vulnerable and marginalised, who bore the brunt of his cruelty – those without a voice, without a choice, without a chance.

As Detective Ray Lennox unravels the truth, and the list of brutal attacks grows, he must put his personal feelings aside. But one question refuses to go away: who are the real victims here?

Resolution by Irvine Welsh

3. Resolution (Coming July 2024)

The final instalment in the CRIME trilogy will be hitting shelves in July 2024.

Ray Lennox is determined to move on from his darkest days. The maverick former detective has left Edinburgh for a fresh start in Brighton. Then Lennox meets Mathew Cardingworth. Rich, smooth-talking and immaculately dressed, he presents himself as a successful, and respectable, property developer. Their encounter reawakens memories that have haunted Lennox for decades, sending him into a spiral of confusion and rage.

Lennox has no choice – he must confront the events of his childhood. But the more he identifies the links between Cardingworth, the disappearance of a group of foster care boys and the violence of his past, the more he finds himself asking: What will he sacrifice to achieve resolution at last?

There you have it – Irvine Welsh’s CRIME trilogy books in order. How many have you read? Looking forward to the third book in the series? Let us know in the comments below…

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