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James Patterson’s Instinct Books in Order | Series List

Looking for James Patterson’s Instinct books in order? Look no further!

Dr Dylan Reinhart battles serial killers, terrorists and shady billionaires, all with Patterson’s signature smart writing and addictive plots. These books are the basis for Sky Witness series Instinct starring Alan Cumming, so if you watched the show and want more, these are the thrillers for you.

Here are all of James Patterson’s Instinct books in order.

James Patterson’s Instinct books in order:

Instinct by James Patterson

1. Instinct, previously titled Murder Games (2017)

Dr Dylan Reinhart is an expert on criminal behaviour. But when his bestselling book is found at a gruesome murder scene, Dylan comes face to face with the real world of crime – and the killer is expecting him.

Elizabeth Needham, the brilliant NYPD detective leading the case, recruits Dylan to help investigate another clue the killer has left behind – a playing card. Is this the killer’s signature? Or will the cards lead them to the next victim, and right into the murderer’s hands…

Killer Instinct by James Patterson

2. Killer Instinct (2019)

When an Ivy League professor is murdered, Dr Dylan Reinhart reunites with his old partner Detective Elizabeth Needham to find the killer, and close the case.

But as the investigation proceeds, a terrifying attack on New York sends the city into chaos. In the aftermath, a name from Reinhart’s past emerges on the list of victims – a name he thought he’d left behind. As long-buried secrets threaten to derail everything he’s worked for, can he keep his life together long enough to outsmart the killer?

Steal by James Patterson

3. Steal (2022)

When a student in Dr Dylan Reinhart’s psychology class threatens to kill himself, everyone hopes it’s a hoax. But when he can’t be found after twenty-four hours, it seems the worst is confirmed. Did he really do it?

The student’s father, a powerful hedge fund CEO, is convinced he didn’t. Only Reinhart can help him get to the truth. The psychologist is now wrapped up in multimillion-dollar secrets and in danger from people with plenty to lose – and it’s going to take every bit of his expertise to close the case.

There you have it – all of James Patterson’s Instinct books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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