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Reuben Maitland books in order

Looking for John Macken’s Reuben Maitland books in order? Look no further!

Reuben Maitland runs Genecrime, the UK’s elite forensic crime squad, which works at the cutting edge of science to identify, arrest and prosecute the country’s worst criminals.

But when he’s shunned from his profession and forced to work outside the law, only then do we see what Maitland’s really capable of.

Written with an unshakeable passion for science and a fascination with the worst of humankind, this four-book series of techno-thrillers offers something unique. Here are John Macken’s Reuben Maitland books in order.

John Macken’s Reuben Maitland books in order:

Dirty Little Lies by John Macken

1. Dirty Little Lies

Reuben Maitland runs the UK’s most elite crime squad, working only on the highest-profile cases, tracking down the country’s most vicious criminals. The squad have always made enemies but now they’re in danger: a killer is using their own techniques against them.

Reuben must find the killer before his team is eradicated. But the more questions he asks, the more complex the answers become. And as the case unravels, so his own personal life collapses…

Not only is he fighting to save the lives of his colleagues, he is fighting for his own professional and personal survival.
The choices he makes will determine his future. When he makes the wrong one, he finds himself alone on the outside of the law, at the mercy of a seemingly unstoppable killer…

Trial by Blood by John Macken

2. Trial By Blood

Reuben Maitland has lost everything: his job, his marriage, his reputation. Fired from CID’s elite forensic investigation unit, he is forced to turn to the other side of the law to find work.

Michael Brawn is currently enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty at Pentonville maximum security prison. He is not who he claims to be and has been placed there on forged genetic evidence. Evidence that was submitted to the court on Reuben’s authority. But who is he, and why is he there?

Reuben is offered one chance to clear his name. He needs to discover Brawn’s real identity and, more importantly, his reason for falsely entering prison. And there is only one way of getting to him. Reuben is going to have to enter Pentonville.

But as he is about to find out, prison is a very dangerous place for an ex-copper.

Breaking Point by John Macken

3. Breaking Point

There is a killer loose on the London Underground. He kills without leaving any forensic trace, and seemingly without motive. Genecrime, the UK’s elite forensic unit, are stretched to the limits trying to find one usable clue.

And there is another problem facing Genecrime. Before he was sacked as head of the unit, Reuben Maitland developed a system to predict latent homicidal behaviour from people’s DNA. Now rogue elements in the police, believing that prevention is better than cure, are using Reuben’s research to hunt down and incite latent psychopaths beyond their breaking point.

Reuben must track down whoever is misusing his technology and stop them before more lives are destroyed. But what he cannot know is that his investigation will lead him directly into the path of the Underground killer…

Control by John Macken

4. Control

Two murders, days apart but clearly linked. Each victim has had the tips of their fingers removed with a hacksaw. The killer is sending a message and wants his next victim to know who they are – and be very afraid. But beside the gruesome nature of their deaths there is no obvious connection between the two victims.

Reuben Maitland, freshly returned to GeneCrime, must investigate the case. The forensics come in, DNA is sampled, the clues begin to mount up.

Then the killer strikes again. Reuben’s young son, Joshua, is snatched from his pram. The murderer sends Reuben a message: ‘Stop hunting me. I will kill again, a third and final victim and you must not stop me. Come after me and your son will die.

There you have it – all John Macken’s Reuben Maitland books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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