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Aidan Waits books in order: the complete series

Looking for Joseph Knox’s Aidan Waits books in order? Look no further!

Joseph Knox’s dark, brooding and atmospheric series of detective noir novels are as gritty as they come. Following the disgraced Detective Constable Aidan Waits, a man troubled by his past, damaged by addiction and cut loose by his superiors, these crime books explore the dangerous, seedy underbelly of Manchester – a city that provides so much more than just a backdrop, becoming a character in itself.

If you like crime fiction with an edge, these are the thrillers for you. Here are the Aidan Waits books in order.

Joseph Knox’s Aidan Waits books in order:

Sirens by Joseph Knox

1. Sirens (2017)

Detective Aidan Waits is in trouble. After a career-ending mistake, he’s forced into a nightmare undercover operation that his superiors don’t expect him to survive.

When the teenage daughter of a prominent MP joins Zain Carver, the enigmatic criminal who Waits is investigating, everything changes. Carver is a mesmerising figure who lures young women into his orbit – young women who have a bad habit of disappearing. Soon Waits is cut loose by the police, stalked by an unseen killer and dangerously attracted to the wrong woman.

How can he save the girl, when he can’t even save himself?

Read an extract from Sirens here.

The Smiling Man by Joseph Knox

2. The Smiling Man (2018)

A body has been found on the fourth floor of Manchester’s vast and empty Palace Hotel. The man is dead. And he is smiling. The tags have been removed from his clothes. His teeth have been replaced. Even his fingertips are not his own. Only a patch sewn into his trousers offers any information about him.

Detective Aidan Waits and his unwilling partner, DI Sutcliffe, must piece together the scant clues to identify the stranger. But as they do, Aidan realises that a ghost from his past haunts the investigation. He soon recognises that to discover who the smiling man really is, he must first confront the scattered debris of his own life…

The Sleepwalker by Joseph Knox

3. The Sleepwalker (2019)

As a series of rolling blackouts plunge the city into darkness, Detective Aidan Waits sits on an abandoned hospital ward, watching a mass murderer slowly die. Transferred from his usual night shift duties and onto protective custody, he has just one job: extract the location of Martin Wick’s final victim before the notorious mass murderer passes away.

Wick has spent over a decade in prison, in near-total silence, having confessed to an unspeakable crime that shocked the nation and earned him the nickname of The Sleepwalker. But when a daring premeditated attack leaves one police officer dead and another one fighting for his life, Wick’s whispered last words will send Waits on a journey into the heart of darkness.

Manipulated by a reticent psychopath from his past, and under investigation from his new partner, Detective Constable Naomi Black, Waits realises too late that a remorseless contract killer is at work. Can Aidan Waits solve his last case before fleeing justice? Or will his name be next on the hit list?

Read an extract from The Sleepwalker here.

There you have it – Joseph Knox’s Aidan Waits books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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