Killing Eve episode 6 review

Killing Eve episode 6 review

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As recent headline news seems to suggest, you deal with the intelligence services of Russia at your peril. This is a lesson that Villanelle would have done well to learn before the events of Killing Eve’s sixth episode, ‘Take Me to the Hole!’ Only by the closing credits, our wily and vicious assassin antagonist found herself double-crossed by them and languishing in a less-than-pleasant Russian prison (a penitentiary ably played here by Oscar Wilde’s former residence, Reading ‘Gaol’).

More on that shortly.

After recent weeks of rather thrilling action that saw both Eve and Villanelle running about the place shooting at people, getting shot at, eating microwaved shepherd’s pie and just generally having fun, this episode was a rather more miserable affair. With neither woman in control of what was happening around them. Both had to settle for effectively being pawns in the big chess game going on around them, while the principal players sat back strategising from a rather safe distance. Such is life.

This sixth instalment saw something of a race. Who could get to Nadia first? Eve and Carolyn, with their polite questions about The Twelve and their false promises of extradition? Or Villanelle, with her shank and instructions to find Nadia and shut her up toot sweet?

After hearing that Nadia had somehow survived getting run over (twice) and had been locked up in a remote prison in Russia, Eve and her boss Carolyn flew east in a bid to speak to her and discover a little more about this whole silly ‘everyone getting killed’ business. To get it done, our experienced MI6 top brass had to call in a few favours from some contacts in Moscow: a man called Vladimir (no, not that one…) and another named Konstantin (yep, that one…).

This sixth instalment saw something of a race. Who could get to Nadia first?

That’s right, Villanelle’s handler Konstantin is Russian secret service. It came as something of a surprise when he plonked himself down at the table with Carolyn, Eve and Vlad, although we’re not quite sure why. It makes sense, given that the man is up to his silvery beard in all sorts of intrigue. It was a tense meeting, what with the situation and all that’s at stake. But it soon transpired that at least some of that tension was sexual. Carolyn had, we discover, slept with both men in the past. It’s a revelation that Eve uses against her in a rather risky move later on when she feels things aren’t moving quickly enough.

This undermining of Carolyn could, on the surface, seem a bit treasonous or at the very least be a tad disloyal of Eve. But in light of Ms Martens’ rather out of character behaviour this week, it may well have been the shrewd move. Russia, it appears, does rather funny things to her.

Back to the even darker side of Killing Eve and Villanelle. For an ass-kicking genius, she’s oddly trusting of her handler. Nadia needed to be offed and when given the job, she sulked a bit but accepted it without question. Despite the fact that, surely, a prisoner could just have been paid to kill her. Why go to all the trouble of sending in and extracting Villanelle? The answer? Well, it wasn’t that much trouble. Given that Konstantin didn’t bother with the whole ‘extraction’ part of the deal…

Nadia – and a kitchen full of prison guards – dispatched, our pro killer awaited her secret release. But it wasn’t to come. It seems as though her client/handler/boss/father figure/tormentor had had enough of his pet killer’s unpredictability and occasional veiled threats and decided, rather coldly, to dump her in ‘The Hole’. Unless he’s just making her stew a little before getting her out as way of a warning or a little punishment. If it’s the latter, it’s a cruel trick, given Villanelle’s history in the prison and associated trauma.

Whatever his reasoning, we sense it’s a move he might well regret.

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