Killing Eve episode 8 review

WARNING: spoilers below. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 7 here.

“God, I’m tired…”

The title of the eighth and final episode of the BBC’s stellar and unforgettable first series of cat n’ mouse, spy n’ assassin crimer Killing Eve takes its name from a line Eve heavily exhales towards its end. As she slumps on Villanelle’s bed, gun in hand but no longer pointing at the target of her hatred/lust/obsession, she means it too. She must be tired. In fact, they both must be. After all, it’s been a pretty exhausting few weeks for the pair.

Hunting a ruthless Russian killer and actually being a ruthless Russian killer looks like hard work. And so, after so many sleepless nights, twists, turns, double-crosses, kidnappings and gunfights, Killing Eve ends with the two women, so very different from one another, yet so alike, laid back, slumped in bed together. Yet as exhausted as they are, neither has sleep on their mind. More on that shortly.

Eve and Villanelle are, we’re sure you’d agree, an unlikely coupling. Yet odd duos have been one of the key features of this unusual yet entirely wonderful series. Nearly every scene pops as two vastly different characters are thrown together, either by force or design. Eve and Villanelle, Carolyn and Vlad, Kenny and Elena, Eve and Niko, Villanelle and Konstantin, Villanelle and Anna, Villanelle and Konstantin’s smart but ‘annoying’ daughter Irina who our antagonist snatches in a bid to get to her former handler and kill him… We could go on.

To that last pairing – episode 8 devotes quite some time to this latest odd couple and it’s a match that brings out the very best of writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s immeasurable talents. The back and forths really snap here, with the underlying theme of the conversation being the relative worth of being good as opposed to evil. It’s a conundrum that, of course, Villanelle isn’t the least bit interested in exploring. She’s far too busy shooting the two of the great loves of her life, Anna and Konstantin, stone cold dead.

Back to the bed and it’s a scene that crackles with anticipation and a genuine feeling that anything could happen. Will they kiss? Get under the covers? Will Villanelle try to kill Eve? Will Eve try and arrest Villanelle…? Well, as it turned out, it was none of those. As the two lent in with parted lips, Eve sank a giant kitchen knife right into her bedfellow’s belly.

Way to kill the mood.

Eve is no killer, though. Blade halfway in she panics, recoils and goes to get towels to stop the bleeding. It’s the ten seconds her friendly foe needs to escape. In her place, her elderly neighbour to announce that ‘she’s gone.’ Eve’s response? ‘WHERE?!”

Aaaaaaand that’s where the second series will surely pick up… And it can’t come a day too soon.

We’ve heaped plenty of glowing praise on Killing Eve over our past seven reviews, so we’ll refrain from adding to the mountain we’ve already created. Suffice to say that this is a show that we can’t see ourselves ever getting tired of.

Did you tune in for Killing Eve episode 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Steve Charnock
Steve Charnock
Steve Charnock

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