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Detective biography: Maeve Kerrigan


Young and dedicated Detective Constable in the London Metropolitan Police Force.

Personal Profile:

Age: 28

Nationality: Irish

Marital Status: Single, possible ongoing relationship with colleague.

Rank: Detective Constable

Location: London Metropolitan Police Force

Case Of Note: Teenage girl and her mother found brutally murdered at home. Seemingly, a domestic dispute gone horribly too far, yet all seems a little suspicious. The investigation continues…

Personnel Assessment Notes:

  • Kerrigan remains level-headed in a predominantly male and older team.
  • Minor anger issues, and disagreements with colleagues.
  • The individual displays determination, integrity and emotional intelligence on a daily basis.
  • The individual is thorough and hard working, often working overtime.
  • Mild signs of social awkwardness outside of police procedural work.

Extracts From Interview Transcript:

“I know you like to think of me as a shrinking violet, boss, but I’m just not.” (Maeve, The Last Girl).

“My mum and dad are from ordinary backgrounds – they live in a semi-detached in Cheam; my mum worked as a doctor’s receptionist for 30 years and my dad was in insurance – and my mum, in particular, can’t understand why I want to be a police officer. She’d love me to be a doctor, or a lawyer – something she could boast to the rest of the family about.”

“[Being a copper] it’s not even about justice being done – it’s about making sure that ordinary, decent people don’t have to live in fear. It’s an important job. It saves lives.” (Maeve, 2012).

From her colleague, DI Josh Derwent. Interview subject: Kerrigan.

“You want to know if she’s good at her job. Yes. Is she popular? Yeah, she is. Is she good to work with? Yes. Does she work too hard? Probably. Does she mind? I doubt it. She’s not got the experience yet but she’s getting there. What I’m saying is she’s a bloody good copper. And that’s what counts.”

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