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May Book Madness!

May is a big month for fiction. Not only is the Richard and Judy Summer Book Club announced but all the hotly anticipated new thrillers are released just in time to pack in your holiday suitcase.

But how to decide which book is the right book for you? Never fear, that’s where we are here to help! We’ve taken all the new crime books that have hit the shelves in May and told you exactly who they’d be perfect for and you can win the books too, find out how at the bottom of this post.

New Crime Books

Books Perfect for…

Jack Bauer Acolytes! (Or the International Spy Thriller)

Spy-Thrillers Books

Do you love the pulse-pounding adrenalin rush of a good spy thriller. These novels are global extravaganza’s where the forces of good and evil collide and the world is saved from imminent doom by one man’s ingenuity and the support from his crack squad of experts. I Am Pilgrim is in the Richard & Judy Summer Book Club, Wilbur Smith has just released the 2nd book in his Hector Cross series and William Boyd’s James Bond novel Solo is out in paperback.
Books Perfect for…

Suspense Junkies!

Under the silent moon book - by-elizabet haynes

If your mantra is ‘just one more page’ then these are the books for you. You won’t be able to put down Sharon Bolton’s A Dark and Twisted Tide as the fast-paced plot unfurls like a dark and deadly flower. Under A Silent Moon is the third book from Elizabeth Haynes and just as gripping as her earlier offerings and the fabulous debut thriller from M. J. Arlidge; Eeny Meeny will keep you up at night!
Books Perfect for…

Fans of Urban Crime (Or gritty, city thrillers)

The murder bag book-by-Tony parsons

Tony Parsons has turned to crime and what a crime to kick off with! If you like ’em fast-paced, adrenalin-fuelled, gritty inner city thrillers with lots of clever twists then The Murder Bag ticks all your boxes. Jeffrey Deaver’s NYPD Detective Lincoln Rhyme returns in The Skin Collector, as disturbing as it sounds and Peter May’s novel Extraordinary People delves into the catacombs beneath Paris.
Books Perfect for…

History Buffs! (or the gripping, historical thriller)

An officer and a spy by- Robberts harris

Based on or inspired by real events these books are informative as well as utterly gripping. Robert Harris’ An Officer and a Spy falls into this category and is an effortless example of a brilliant novel. The Axeman’s Jazz by Ray Celestin brings to life 1920’s New Orleans and we’ve added in Dan Brown’s Inferno to this category as it’s rich with historical detail about the life of the great Dante.
Books Perfect for…

Noir Lovers! (or the twisting, psychological thriller)

The fire witness-by-Lars keplar

Lars Kepler’s new novel The Fire Witness is not only striking to look at but you’ll question every character’s true intent. The fantastic Erin Kelly (The Poison Tree) returns with The Ties That Bind, exploring what a true crime writer could accidentally become embroiled in and The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair also looks at a crime writer with a body in his backyard!
So those are just fifteen of the fantastic crime books that have been released in May. Which new crime book are you most looking forward to reading?


    A dark and twisted tide – Sharon Bolton

    I like a book I can’t put down…

    How to choose a favourite… no idea but Extraordinary people and I am pilgrim are already on my to read list.

    Looks great. The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair looks a special treat!

    What a fabulous selection! quite a few on my wishlist already and I think the others may be added!

    The Ties That Bind Erin Kelly so many great crime titles to choose from

    It has to be Eeny Meeny – already have it on my ‘Must Read’ list. Although looking at the others, quite a few have been added.

    Am so looking forward to the new Lincoln Rhyme

    Looking forward to reading the skin collector by jeffrey deaver but id be happy winning of them

    I read A Dark and Twisted Tide the day it came out and can highly recommend it, along with all Sharon Bolton’s books, she is amazing. Of the others I like the sound of The Skin Collector and though formulaic I like a Dan Brown every now and then so Inferno would be my other choice.

    Had to give in and buy A Dark and Twisted Tide immediately-amazing! Can’t wait to read the others.

    I am Suspense Junkie to the MAX. Love them. I got into Sharon Boltonโ€™s books and Stuart MacBride last year WOW what great authors went out and got all there books and just could not put them down. I don’t sleep much so I can get start and end a book in a week. I also love Karen Rose,Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritsen, Casey Hill, and many more.

    Amazing selection – not sure how I’ll fit them all into my suitcase for this summer’s holiday, but it’s worth a try!!

    What a treat, Wilbur Smith and Robert Harris are always reliably good reads, and i dont care what the snobs say i like Dan Brown!

    Any of them – all sound great especially The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair

    Steve Mosby’s new book ‘The Nightmare Place’, out on 19th June.

    A Dark and Twisted Tide looks interesting

    I am looking forward to the debut thriller from M. J. Arlidge EENY MEENY.I love to try new authors and adore books that kep me in suspense

    Love Wilbur Smith and the Fire Witness look intriguing.

    Great selection especially Jeffrey Deaver!!

    Lovely selection, think I would like to read ‘The Ties that Bind’ first.

    A Brilliant selection that I can’t wait to read.

    So difficult to choose, there are several that appeal, but I think my first choice would be Erin Kelly – the ties that bind

    I Am Pilgrim is going to be hard to top … Am loving it , and forcing myself to put it down , turn my light off and go to sleep at night ๐Ÿ™‚

    All of them! I read a lot and the Noir & Suspense would be my favorites. Especially looking forward to Lars Kepler….

    The Murder bag by Tony Parsons it founds really good

    Someone has just recommended Sharon Bolton to me so I’d love to try that. Ah, but Jeffrey Deaver and Tony Parsons are favourites too! To just choose one is difficult. I’d have to go for Sharon Bolton’s A Dark and Twisted Tide. I’ll get my mates to pick different ones then we can swap if we all win!

    To be honest, as an avid Peter James reader and having eventually read ALL his books im looking forward to his new release in June 2014 of the latest Grace novel

    Extraordinary People by Peter May. I love his writing.

    An Officer and a Spy – brilliant book.

    I’m torn between I Am Pilgrim and Inferno……oh well, I’ll just have to read them both…..better yet – all of them

    Fantastic roundup of all latest crime books. Fabulous prize. The Truth About the Harry Quebec Affair x

    The Skin Collector by Jeffrey Deaver looking forward to reading it have read most of his books find them exciting and always a twist you don t expect.

    The Murder Bag looks really appealing and would love to read Mr. Parsons first go at crime.

    Sarah Bolton, ‘A Dark and Twisted Tide ‘ sounds just my sort of read.

    The Axemans Jazz sounds just up my street!

    i love dead good books and especially new authers i havnt tried before

    William Boydโ€™s James Bond novel Solo

    All of them would be great, for my camping trip ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Axeman’s Jazz and The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair sound amazing!

    Love the dark, psychological genre. The darker, the better:)

    Looking forward to I am Pilgrim and the new Jeffrey Deaver

    The Skin Collector – how wicked does that sound !

    How to decide? Just like going to a sweetie shop!
    Eenny Meeny…

    There’s too many to choose,i love to read..The Murder Bag,The Ties That Bind and A Dark and Twisted Tide.

    just love to read ,would be thrilled to win.

    With A BIG Birthday coming up, a gift of any of the prizes would be a lovely surprise, though Jeffrey Deaver is top of my list!

    Peter May – Extraordinary People

    I’ve just finished his Lewis trilogy and his writing is stunning. You are exactly where he describes and I can’t wait to try some of his other books.

    Love Elizabeth Haynes, so many others sound great too.

    The Murder Bag to see if he’s managed to pull off switching genre.

    It has to be Jeffery Deaver’s new one – if it is anything like The Bone Collector it should be a fantastic read !

    Most looking forward to reading Robert Harris’s An Officer and a Spy

    The Murder Bag sounds right up my street

    Peter May – extraordinary People – oive his books

    Just how good is “Dead Good” to it’s followers,giving us the chance to win these books.”Dead Good” means Dead Brilliant.Thank you.

    suspense junkie is my middle name, would like to read lots of books recommended here, but those 3 i’m SURE I will love!

    a good selection -some are favourite authors and some are new to me

    I have read The Fire Witness and it is absolutely fabulous. I recently read another book by Peter May which I enjoyed so I am looking forward to reading Extraordinary People.

    Thank you for the recommendations! Crime has a very wide brief so it is helpful to have some direction. Just need to book my holiday now!

    My garden is going to be overgrown, no gardening for me if I am fortunate enough to win this prize.

    these all look worth a read, I’m intrigued by ray Celestins the Axemans Jazz so probably would start off with that one followed by Peter Mays Extraordinary People and Lars Keplers the Fire Witness. Also M J Arlidges Eeny Meeny would be a must, I love reading new authors.

    Great selection. Urban crime really stands out for me.

    These would keep me going all summer – great reading

    Not just summer reading as would last all year round.

    Have heard a few mentions of Eeny Meeny – sounds a terrific debut novel, but will probably terrify the life out of me.

    The Suspense Junkies books would have this addict hooked.

    Are you trying to kill a postie or two? ;0)

    I look forward to a visit from the Postie!!!

    My postie is a big strong lad so will not have any trouble delivering a package to me. Would appreciate any one of the book titles. Surprise me please.

    They all sound amazing, but I think I’m most looking forward to Solo – you can’t beat a bit of James Bond! Hope the postman will be staggering up my path!

    I would love these. A difficult choice to pick between them.

    Several authors I know well and some I don’t know at all

    Under A Silent Moon looks creepy and intriguing!! I love to be scared!

    Great selection of books .Would love to win them .
    Perfect reading for those long hot sunny days in the garden if we get a good summer this year..

    I would defiantly read Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge first. Reading the synopsis, it gives me the impression of a Saw movie. I would be intrigued to read this as I’ve never read anything like it before and I can imagine the suspense keeping me up all night reading and slightly afraid to turn the light out!

    Fantastic fiction selection from my favourite genre. Those that especially appeal are The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair and I Am Pilgrim which I will probably buy anyway in the likely event of not being the lucky winner !

    The Axeman’s Jazz. It looks amazing!! I love historical crime fiction!! So much fun!! Would be amazing if my postie had to deliver these to me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow, what a fab selection of books, and what a superb competition. Keep up the good work. It would be hard to choose which of these is best as they all look to be dead good books

    They all sound terrific – but having read synopses of the books, I think if I were the lucky winner, Eeny Meeny would probably be the first to be read!

    I’m currently very behind with my reading but hoping to catch up with the new releases in the South of France in July

    Great selection – can recommend Inferno by Dan Brown. Just when you think I will finish this chapter he makes you want to read the next one,consumate storyteller .

    The Axeman’s Jazz looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m really looking forward to reading Tony Parsons ‘The Murder Bag’.

    I know and like some of the authors. Would love to win to try the others. Here’s hoping!

    Jeffery Deaver’s The Skin Collector . Lincoln Rhyme is probably my favourite Crime read , with great characters , lots to think about and lots of twists – I love him .

    I am currently off work sick having had foot surgery and running out of things to read so this would be an amazing prize!
    I would particularly like to read The Fire Witness as I love books that make me think!

    Having read’ I am Pilgrim’ and being besotted by it, I am very keen to read the new William Boyd. However, any of these new fiction would be wonderful to read.

    I would love to read all these books, fingers crossed.

    Cebine Durrant Under your skin – was such a twisty clever story- looking forward to her next book that is due in July.

    Fantastic another Peter May cannot wait to get it – if you have never tried one of his I heartily recommend.

    An Officer and a Spy sounds like the first book I’d read out of this selection. But are they one and the same or two different protagonists…? We’ll see.

    Would love to read Eeny Meeny. It sounds wonderful!

    I’d love a few new reads for the half term holiday! Good preparation for Harrogate!

    Great competition. but nearly all the books mentioned, I have already read, but hope to win some of the others, if chosen!

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