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How to Distract a Crime Author

Procrastinating is an art form… So we asked some of the most talented people we know what keeps them from their daily business – the business of crime!

It’s hard enough to concentrate at work when there’s a great book you’re in the middle of, or it’s a lovely day outside and you’re cooped up in an office, but what keeps those thrilling crime novels from being written? What is distracting the nations best crime writing talent from getting on and penning their next bestseller!?

The answer? Exactly the same things that distract us! The internet, playing games, talking to people plus they have the added problem of working from home where there are far more opportunities to be distracted than in an office… Read their answers below!

Procrastination… what is the one thing that will always distract you from writing and why?


Will Jordan

My PlayStation. As much as I love writing, nothing beats a bit of GTA online for stress relief!


Tess Gerritsen

The internet is my biggest time waster. I’ll get caught up in a particular news item and want to follow its every thread across the worldwide web.


Sharon Bolton

An email from a friend. I have so little social contact during the normal working day that I can’t resist the opportunity to catch up. Conversely, I find non-business-related telephone calls immensely irritating when I’m working. It’s all about the written word for me.


James Henry

If it’s windy I’ll go windsurfing.


Sam Hayes

Either sewing or the internet. Even if it’s simply mending a school skirt, I find sewing very therapeutic and often a better alternative to struggling out words that won’t come. Drifting around the internet ‘researching’ is also easily done, as I’m sure every author will know! Facebook is work, right?

Emma Kavanagh

Household tasks. I guess this is the curse of working from home – the mess just shrieks at you. I have to try and get my surroundings neat before I can concentrate, otherwise my eye will keep drifting over to the landslide of toys.


Simon Kernick

The internet. It’s a huge temptation just to surf. I have an app on my PC that prevents me from using the net for a chosen period of time. It’s called Freedom and it’s proved invaluable!

A big thank you to all the authors for sharing what distracts them! When they’re not wind-surfing and tidying up they’re writing some thrilling crime books – check out the books below.


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