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Robert Goddard’s Latest Book

Robert Goddard’s The Wide World trilogy featuring James Maxted has been setting the world on fire. If you haven’t picked up a Robert Goddard book yet you’re in for a treat!

Set in Paris at the end of The Great War, The Ways of the World opens with the mysterious death of a senior British diplomat that is passed off as a bizarre accident by the local authorities. Convinced otherwise, one man attempts to uncover the truth and throws himself headfirst into the dark heart of a seemingly impenetrable mystery.

The Ways of the World will be out in paperback on the 8th May, swiftly followed by the second book in the series The Corners of the Globe, published on 3rd July 2014.

The Corners of the Globe by Robert Goddard

Spring, 1919. James ‘Max’ Maxted, former Great War flying ace, returns to the trail of murder and treachery he set out on in The Ways of the World. He left Paris after avenging the murder of his father, Sir Henry Maxted, convinced the only man who knows about the mysterious events leading up to Sir Henry’s death is elusive German spymaster, Fritz Lemmer.

To find out more, he enlists in Lemmer’s network under false colours and is despatched to the Orkney Isles, where the German High Seas Fleet has been interned in Scapa Flow. His mission: to recover a document secreted aboard one of the German battleships. But the information it contains is so explosive that Max is forced to break cover and embark on a desperate and dangerous race south, pursued by men happy to kill him to recover the document.

The breathless chase will take Max from the far north of Scotland to London and on to Paris, where the world’s governments are still bartering over the spoils in the aftermath of The Great War. The stakes could not be higher. It is life and death for all concerned.

Robert’s latest novel, The Ends of the Earth, publishes in paperback tomorrow.


    When is the next Goddard book to be released as I completed the trilogy last year? Must be due for something new soon!

    I would love another novel featuring Harry Barnett and Barry Chipchase. I have read everyone of Robert Goddard’s novels and each in its own way wonderful. However there is something special about Harry Barnett.

    Dear mr Goddard, I have read all your books and kept
    Them all. Are you going to write another? I quite enjoyed
    The triology, but really prefer the complete story in one book,
    As you more usually write. I really look forward to your
    Books so hope you are continuing. Kind regards and hope
    You are in good health. Sheila Mccaughey

    I am also waiting for his new book do you know when its out

    I’ve been a very big fan ever since meeting you in the 1980s when you were a committee clerk at DCC & I was a district councillor. When will the third book in the trilogy be published?
    I can’t wait!
    Thank you and best wishes.
    Alison from Tavistock

    Excellent two books of trilogy. Would like to know when 3rd.
    Ends of the earth, is being published,please.

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