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Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

12 ultimate Sherlock Christmas gifts

What do you get the ultimate Sherlock Holmes fan for Christmas? Bar kidnapping Benedict Cumberbatch and locking him in your basement, of course…

This is a question we’ve spent more than our fair share of waking hours pondering. To save you the time we’ve scoured the internet looking for the most beautiful and bizarre tributes to the ultimate detective. It’s amazing just how many there are so here are some of our favourite picks, perfect for Sherlock obsessives everywhere.

The Ultimate Sherlock Christmas Gifts

1. The Original and Best (capitals required)

“The air of London is the sweeter for my presence” – Sherlock Holmes in The Final Problem.

Let’s face it: everything is sweeter with Sherlock Holmes. So kick back, grab a glass of sherry and enjoy the adventures of the finest detective ever written with a beautiful and luxurious tome.

Available from all good bookshops.

2. BBC One’s Sherlock in your living room

Pretty standard fare here but this will give the giftee hours and hours of viewing pleasure. Well, if they keep it on repeat, that is.

Available from all good retailers.

3. Cluedo – Sherlock Style

Sherlock Holmes at 221b Baker Street with the candlestick, or Mrs Hudson in the library with the lead piping? Brush up your detective skills and make like Sherlock Holmes!

4. The Hound of the Baskervilles at a glance

This print has been created using the text from The Hound of the Baskervilles. The words are completely legible, so sit back and enjoy the book from start to finish without turning a single page!

Available from Novel Poster.

5. Sherlock Jewels

Wear your love of Sherlock Holmes with pride with these beautiful trinkets. Astound the lady in your life with Baskerville earrings or a lovely quote necklace.

Necklace available from Glamorous Glue Designs and earrings from The Literary Gift Company.

6. Classic Penguin Sherlock iPhone Covers

A fitting tribute like the new adaptation of Sherlock, these iPhone covers bring the novels well into the 21st century and are pretty fetching to look at too. They also come in a variety of colours and titles.

Available from OneSixEightOne on Etsy.

7. The Sherlock Holmes Book Bag

Know a friend who needs something to carry their heavy Conan Doyle books around in? Well this is exactly the present they need. Give them this beautiful Holmes bag and bask in their adoration.

Available from Novel Creations.

8. Honey! I Shrunk Sherlock Holmes…

For every dolls house aficionado – or better yet, just for someone who can’t afford the full size version – this is Sherlock’s miniature desk and chair. The draws even pull out to reveal scroll maps, documents, a pistol, handcuffs, a letter and envelopes. The attention to detail is amazing!

Available from Nightfall Miniatures.

9. Lavatory Mist

Potentially not what you were expecting? This thoughtful gift from Incognito is a bathroom air freshener in a delightful fragrance of lemon and cedar. As the bottle states, it’s for crime scenes of all types and sizes – making this the perfect practical gift.

Available from Incognito

10. Colour in Cumberbatch

Finally a reason to stare at our beloved’s face as we decide on the correct colour for his mesmerising eyes. At a bargain £7.50 this could be the BEST secret santa present ever.

Available from Berylune

11. Sherlock Cufflinks

Have the enigmatic detective on hand day or night. You’ll also be sending out the right kind of message to co-workers – that you’re a master sleuth!

Available from ialbert

12. Sherlock Chronicles

The ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of the hit BBC TV series Sherlock. It’s worth picking up for the plate sections alone.

There you have it, thirteen weird and wonderful gifts. Let us know which is your favourite and if you’ve tried the lavatory mist… we’re dying to know.

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