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Dennis Milne books in order: the complete series

Looking for Simon Kernick’s Dennis Milne books in order? Look no further!

Deemed the UK’s answer to Harlan Coben, Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Kernick has created a fascinating main character in his Dennis Milne series.

By day, Milne is a cynical and jaded detective sergeant tasked with catching bad guys, but by night he’s a part-time hitman – and one of the bad guys himself.

With relentlessly pacy storytelling, great plots, morally ambiguous characters and punchy action, this series has it all. Adrenalin-fuelled from the off, you’ll be exhausted from the thrill-ride by the final page, whichever title you choose.

Here are the Dennis Milne books in order.

Simon Kernick’s Dennis Milne books in order:

The Business of Dying by Simon Kernick

1. The Business of Dying (2002)

It’s a cold November night, and DS Dennis Milne is waiting to kill three unarmed men. Cynical and jaded, Milne earns money on the side by doing what he does best: punishing the bad guys. But he senses all is not quite right. This time, instead of shooting drug dealers, he kills two customs officers and an accountant.

The hunter has become the hunted. With his colleagues and his enemies closing in on him, Milne must use all of his skills, just to stay alive.

A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick

2. A Good Day to Die (2005)

Ex-cop Dennis Milne is intent on revenge. His best friend has been brutally executed, and Milne wants to know who did it – and why.

But London is a dangerous place, especially for a man like Milne. Because although his former colleagues don’t know he’s back in town, it soon becomes clear there are people who do. And that they’ll stop at nothing to get him out of the way.

The Payback by Simon Kernick

3. The Payback (2011)

Dennis Milne is a former cop and part-time assassin. He kills the bad guys – people who, in his opinion, deserve to die. Now he’s in Manila, waiting for his next target: a young woman who’s made some deadly enemies.

DI Tina Boyd is in Manila hunting down the man responsible for the death of her lover. She knows he’s dangerous. She knows he’s ruthless. But she’s determined to bring him to justice – even if it kills her.

Two cops with pasts that haunt them – and a present that could see them both dead. They are about to meet. And when they do, it’s payback time.

There you have it – all Simon Kernick’s Dennis Milne books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    will there be another book after Payback i n the Dennis Milne series.

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