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Tina Boyd books in order: the complete series

Looking for Simon Kernick’s Tina Boyd books in order? Look no further!

Simon Kernick is a British writer of fast-paced crime thrillers. He is known for a number of different recurring characters, including Tina Boyd, Mike Bolt and Dennis Milne. Simon talks both on and off record with a number of contacts in the police and security services, including Special Branch, the Anti-Terrorist branch and the Serious Organized Crime Agency. This allows him to hear first hand what actually happens in the dark and murky underbelly of UK crime, and these insights give his books authenticity.

We thought we’d have a quick look at the titles in Simon Kernick’s Tina Boyd books in order. If you haven’t discovered Simon’s work yet, here’s a taster of what you’re missing!

Simon Kernick’s Tina Boyd books in order:

The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick

1. The Crime Trade (2004)

Stegs Jenner has always lived on the edge. No ordinary cop, he’s never happier than when he’s working undercover, consorting with criminals and fighting to bring them to justice. But suspicion falls on him when he strikes out on his own and the operation he’s involved in goes horribly wrong.

DI John Gallan and DS Tina Boyd are called in to investigate. What they cannot know is that their enquiries will take them both into the heart of one of London’s most notorious criminal gangs – and one of them into the rifle sights of the enemy.

Relentless by Simon Kernick

2. Relentless (2006)

Saturday afternoon: you’re with the kids in the garden when the phone rings. It’s your best friend from school. Someone you haven’t seen for a few years. It should be a friendly call catching up on old times. But it’s not.

This call is different. Your friend is panting with fear, his breaths coming in tortured, ragged gasps. Someone is inflicting terrible pain on him.

He cries out and then he utters six words that will change your life forever… the first two lines of your address.

Deadline by Simon Kernick

3. Deadline (2008)

It’s evening, you’re back late from work and the house is in darkness. You step inside, and the phone rings. You answer it – and your world is turned upside down. Your fourteen-year-old daughter’s been taken, and her kidnappers demand half a million pounds in cash. They give you 48 hours to raise the money. If you call the police, she will die.

As the nightmare unravels, you can be certain of only two things: that you will do anything to get your daughter back alive – and that time is running out…

Target by Simon Kernick

4. Target (2009)

When writer Rob Fallon goes out one night and ends up with his best friend’s girlfriend, Jenny, he’s feeling guilty before anything’s even happened.

But guilt quickly turns to shock when two men break into Jenny’s apartment, abduct her, and try to kill Rob. When Rob reports this to the police, no one believes him. When he speaks to Jenny’s father, he says she’s on holiday abroad. Rob knows Jenny is in danger and starts asking questions. Soon he’s the target of brutal killers who are both terrifying and elusive. But what do they want? And what does it have to do with an ordinary girl like Jenny?

Either Rob finds out or he’s dead. It’s that simple.

The Last 10 Seconds by Simon Kernick

5. The Last Ten Seconds (2010)

A brutal serial killer is arrested on the streets of London after a two-year reign of terror. Known as the Night Creeper, he’s earned his reputation by torturing five young women to death. Undercover cop Sean Egan has infiltrated one of the country’s most notorious criminal gangs. Now he’s about to risk his life in a bid to bring its members to justice. DI Tina Boyd has discovered that the Night Creeper’s murders are part of a much larger criminal conspiracy. But her quest for the truth has landed her in danger.

A man, a woman, a sadistic killer. As they race towards a terrifying confrontation only one thing is certain – they’re all going to have to fight very hard just to stay alive.

Ultimatum by Simon Kernick

6. Ultimatum (2012)

8am: an explosion blasts through a cafe in Central London. Minutes later, a call from an unknown terror group warns that a far greater attack will be launched in 12 hours’ time. William Garrett, AKA Fox, is awaiting trial for mass murder. He claims he can name the bombers. But only at a price.

It’s a terrifying race against time for DI Mike Bolt and DC Tina Boyd as they chase their targets across the city in a desperate bid to stop a major atrocity – before it’s too late…

Read an extract from Ultimatum.

The Final Minute by Simon Kernick

7. The Final Minute (2015)

‘It’s night, and I’m in a strange house. The lights are on, and I’m standing outside a half-open door. Feeling a terrible sense of forboding, I walk slowly inside. And then I see her. A woman lying sprawled across a huge double bed. She’s dead. There’s blood everywhere. And the most terrifying thing of all is that I think her killer might be me…’

A traumatic car-crash. A man with no memory, haunted by nightmares.

When the past comes calling in the most terrifying way imaginable, Matt Barron is forced to turn to the one person who can help: ex Met cop, turned private detective, Tina Boyd. Soon they are both on the run…

Plus – The Bone Field Books in Order

Featuring PI Tina Boyd and a string of new protagonists, this heart-stopping series is the perfect follow-up to the Tina Boyd series. Read Simon’s very own introduction to his The Bone Field series here.

The Bone Field by Simon Kernick

1. The Bone Field (2017)

1990: a young woman goes missing while backpacking in Thailand. She is never seen again.

2016: her bones are discovered 6000 miles away in an English field and, within hours, the boyfriend who reported her disappearance all those years ago is dead. The hunt for the truth will take DI Ray Mason and PI Tina Boyd into a dark and terrifying world of corruption and deadly secrets, where murder is commonplace, and nothing and nobody is safe…

Read an extract from The Bone Field.

The Hanged Man by Simon Kernick

2. The Hanged Man (2017)

A house deep in the countryside where the remains of seven unidentified women have just been discovered. A cop ready to risk everything in the hunt for their killers. A man who has seen the murders and is now on the run in fear of his life.

So begins the race to track down this witness before the killers do. For Ray Mason and PI Tina Boyd, the road ahead is a dangerous one, with bodies and betrayal at every turn…

Read an extract from The Hanged Man.

Die Alone by Simon Kernick

3. Die Alone (2019)

Alastair Sheridan has it all. Wealth, good looks, a beautiful wife and children and, in the chaotic world of British politics, a real chance of becoming Prime Minister. But Alastair also has a secret. He’s a serial killer with a taste for young women. Only a handful of people know what kind of monster he is, and disgraced detective Ray Mason is one of them.

Awaiting trial for murder, Ray is unexpectedly broken free by armed men and given an offer: assassinate Alastair Sheridan and begin a new life abroad with a new identity. The men claim to be from MI6. They say that Sheridan is a threat to national security and needs to be neutralised. Ray knows they are not who they say they are, and that their real motives are far darker.

The only person Ray trusts is ex-cop and former lover Tina Boyd who’s keen to settle her own scores with Sheridan. With enemies on every side, only one thing is certain: no one wants them to get out alive.

Read an extract from Die Alone.

There you have it – the Tina Boyd books in order! Have you read any of Simon Kernick’s books? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Is there a follow up story line after Ultimatum?

    Would love to see Tina and Ray set up a private eye business, what a combination of detective talent – maybe even marry and have the children that Tina seems to desire, although something awful would probably happen and they would not live happily ever after but who does? anyway thank you Simon for all your hard work.

    First book I read by Simon Kernick was in August 20 the business of dying – brilliant – now reading the Tona Boyd series I am just starting toThe last ten seconds Kernick is absolutely unputdownable. Not read any of his stand alone novels yet -don’t know what to read next when I get to the end of his books. Any suggestions – David Baldacci. Is also brilliant

    The first of simon kernicks books which I read was the business of dying, that was me hooked wow! Would love to see as a television series.

    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Witness to review, which I finished in four days, and thoroughly enjoyed, five stars from me. This is the first of Simon Kernick’s novels I’ve read so didn’t know what to expect and I’m pleased to say I’m now a definite fan. The Witness is written in a fast/energetic pace, which I enjoy, similar to the Lee Child Jack Reacher novels, which I love. There is also a lot of action in this book but it’s not over-the-top so that it becomes unbelievable. I thought the plot was very clever and well thought out, with quite a few unexpected twists. I like the fact that it switches between character perspectives quite regularly to keep things current in your mind while reading.
    I’ve already passed this book onto a friend with a good recommendation. I’d be interested to know if the main character in The Witness (DI Ray Mason) is a regular in Simon’s books, as I really like his character.

    I read Target first in 24 hours, couldn’t put it down, then The Last 10 Seconds, both rip roaring non stop action, great read especially Tina!! Look forward to the rest of the books….thanks for the entertainment

    Ultimatum was the first book I read from Simon. What a great thriller, one could hardly believe it was written by a British author! Set in England, what a wonderful change to get a great crime thriller without having to turn to American authors such as McBain, etc.
    Now I am hooked after Ultimatum. I want to start from the beginning and watch the charactors build, but just cannot find the order in which they were published! Waterstones website are a great help in numbering the Tina Boyd novels, but what about the rest?

    I believe the discovery of Simon Kernicks books one of the most refreshing,exciting happenings for me,I get fed up with some of the boring fudge that many books contain. Simon certainly hits the spot,Living in Portugal doesn,t make it easy to pop out for an English book,my sons know my very favorite author,and thankfully introduced me to this very fine master craftsman. Robert.

    I have read all Simon’s books and loved them all My favourite character was Dennis Milne so sorry he was killed off

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