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Special Agent Will Trent Case Files – Day 1

Karin Slaughter Investigative Game


Karin Slaughter’s fantastic new digital short story BUSTED is published TODAY! To celebrate we are revisiting an old case (some of you may recognise it) and challenging you and Special Agent Will Trent to solve it to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of Karin Slaughter books!

From today until Friday, we’ll be posting briefing notes here on Dead Good to provide all voluntary agents with vital information on this brutal case. All you have to do is choose A or B each day, record your answers and then use our flow chart, which will be revealed on Friday, to discover who the killer is. Once you have discovered who the killer is you will be able to submit your answer and be entered into our prize draw on Friday. We will reveal the winner of the Karin Slaughter bundle on Friday 31st May.

This case involves a dangerous, sadistic killer – we need as many voluntary agents on call as possible -here is your first clue:
Day 1 – Monday
Crime Scene


Lieutenant Ted Greer of the Atlanta Police Department has paged all agents with a Code 21.

Incident location: Grady Homes, Dekalb Avenue, Atlanta


Victim: Aleesha Monroe

Age: Approx 30+

Origin: Black/ethnic origins

Occupation: Prostitute

Crime: Found brutally murdered outside her apartment, 6th floor of Grady Homes – tongue was bitten out and left at the scene. 22 bite marks, face shattered, extensive bruising and mutilation.

Cause of death – asphyxiation due to the blockage of the trachea by blood

Witnesses – 911 call traced to a pay phone outside the building – caller unknown

BABY G – Monroe’s pimp, saw her on the night she died.

Evidence on the scene: Discarded tongue, DNA not conclusive due to profession, NO CCTV footage.

Next of kin: unknown



Suspect was found dead in a pool of blood on arrival, her tongue was bitten out and left on the scene, no witnesses or CCTV footage was captured. This case is similar to three recent brutal attacks on young girls in the Atlanta area – see the CASE NOTES HERE.

These girls were teenagers, white and middle class and were not killed. Ms Monroe was black, in her 30’s and lived in one of the city’s worst housing projects.

Is this the same perpetrator? If so, what would lead them to change their victim profile so dramatically? And what has caused them to escalate to murdering this victim? Is it a copycat crime?


Clue Number 1:

What is the killer’s trademark?

A) All girls’ tongues were harmed in some way

B) All girls’ throats were slit

Make a note of your answer to enter the prize draw on Friday.

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