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Special Agent Will Trent Case Files – Day 2

Day 2 – Tuesday
Urgent case update

Another body has been found. Fifteen year old Cynthia Barrett, her tongue has also been removed, but not left on the crime scene. Is the killer now taking trophies?

Special Note: Detective Michael Ormewood, a colleague working on the Monroe case has a personal connection with Cynthia Barrett. She was his neighbour and her body was found in his back yard. Ormewood has worked extensively on vice cases in the past – could the killer bear a grudge against him?
The Ormewood family have been place under police protection. Ormewood is reported to be shaken and “won’t feel safe until the killer is caught”.

Agents are to question BABY G, Monroe’s pimp, in connection with the Grady Homes murder and any links he may have to Cynthia Barrett. Agents should also look at motives or connections suspects may have to Ormewood and his family.

Check the case board here for all the information gathered so far.

Clue number 2:

Who was Cynthia Barrett’s neighbour?

A) Will Trent

B) Michael Ormewood

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