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Top of the Lake

We’re nearly halfway through crime drama Top of the Lake with the third episode of six on BBC 2 tomorrow at 9:10pm.

This is an atmospheric, moody, visually beautiful crime drama set and filmed in New Zealand and based around the disappearance of Tui Mitcham, a 12-year-old pregnant girl. Detective Robin Griffin, played by Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss is perfectly cast to provide a strong but emotional woman striving for justice.

The Guardian in their recap called Moss ‘outstanding’ last week and we’re really keen to see where this drama goes next. It’s an eclectic bunch of characters with what feels like three main groupings.

The Mitchams – Tui’s father Matt Mitcham (played by Harry Potter‘s Peter Mullan) and his sons live in a creepy wooden and impenetrable fortress surrounded by vicious looking dogs. They’ve already proven they’re not averse to a life of crime and we wonder just how far Detective Al Parker is in his pocket.

The Ladies of Paradise – an even stranger group, providing many moments of dark comedy led by Holly Hunter as GJ, who couldn’t be stranger if she spent the next episode standing on her head.

The Townsfolk – let’s be honest, any one of them could be guilty and that includes the police! This backwater town will never be featured in the top 10 on trip advisor despite its stunning natural beauty.

Will Tui turn up unscathed as Matt Mitcham would have us believe? Or has something darker turned her from her path? There’s no real indicators yet where this creepy but addictive show is going next…
Catch up on the last two episodes on BBC iPlayer
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