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Transworld acquires new Frank Gardner thrillers

Simon Taylor, Editorial Director at Transworld, has acquired British Commonwealth rights including audio to a series of three thrillers by Frank Gardner from Julian Alexander at the LAW Agency. Gardner’s debut novel, Crisis, will be published in June 2016.

Drawing on his years of experience reporting on security matters, Frank Gardner’s fiction writing boasts an irresistible, visceral frisson of authenticity combining insider knowledge, up-to-the-minute hardware, and fly on the wall insights with heart-in-mouth excitement.

Crisis introduces us to Luke Carlton, ex-Special Boat Service commando now under contract to the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) for some of its most challenging missions.

Carlton is sent into the steaming Colombian jungle to investigate the murder of a British intelligence officer but finds himself caught up in the coils of a plot that has terrifying international dimensions. Hunted down, captured, tortured and on the run from one of South America’s most powerful and ruthless drugs cartels, Carlton is in a life-or-death race against time to prevent a potentially devastating terror attack on London.

Simon Taylor says: ‘Frank is a brilliant storyteller and, over and above his debut being an explosive, adrenalin-pumping page turner, there’s a compelling, chilling frisson of authenticity that he brings to his writing that makes utterly irresistible.’

Transworld MD Larry Finlay says: ‘Frank came to the office to pitch his ideas to the team and we were reminded of just what it is that makes him such a remarkable individual and a phenomenal writer. This is a hugely exciting new direction for Frank and a thrilling – in every sense of the word – new acquisition for us. I couldn’t be more pleased.’

Frank Gardner says: ‘I am absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this new venture with Transworld. Their enthusiasm is inspirational. But more than anything, I can hardly wait to share this first novel amongst the readers. I hope it’s as much fun to read as it’s been to write!’

Transworld published Frank Gardner’s memoir Blood and Sand in 2006 (re-issued in 2014) and his travelogue Far Horizons in 2009. Crisis is his debut novel.

Transworld will publish Crisis in Bantam Press hardback in June 2016.

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