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Umiko Wada Books in Order

Looking for Robert Goddard’s Umiko Wada books in order? Look no further!

Robert Goddard is a bestselling British author known for his captivating historical and contemporary thrillers. With a career spanning over 30 years, Goddard has established himself as a master of suspense and intrigue. His latest series follows Private Investigator Umiko Wada, the one-woman operation behind Tokyo’s Kodaka Detective Agency.

If you’re at a loss as for where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are all of Robert Goddard’s Umiko Wada books in order.

Robert Goddard’s Umiko Wada books in order:

The Fine Art of Invisible Detection by Robert Goddard

1. The Fine Art of Invisible Detection (2021)

Umiko Wada has recently had quite enough excitement in her life. With her husband recently murdered and a mother who seems to want her married again before his body is cold, she just wants to keep her head down.

As a secretary to a private detective, her life is pleasingly uncomplicated, filled with coffee runs, diary management and paperwork.

That is, until her boss takes on a new case. A case which turns out to be dangerous enough to get him killed. A case which means Wada will have to leave Japan for the first time and travel to London.

Following the only lead she has, Wada quickly realises that being a detective isn’t as easy as the television makes out. And that there’s a reason why secrets stay buried for a long time. Because people want them to stay secret. And they’re prepared to do very bad things to keep them that way…

The Fine Art of Uncanny Prediction by Robert Goddard

2. The Fine Art of Uncanny Prediction (2023)

Umiko Wada never set out to be a private detective, let alone become the one-woman operation behind the Kodaka Detective Agency. But so it has turned out, thanks to the death of her former boss, Kazuto Kodaka, in mysterious circumstances.

Keen to avoid a similar fate, Wada chooses the cases she takes very carefully. A businessman who wants her to track down his estranged son offers what appears to be a straightforward assignment. Soon she finds herself pulled into a labyrinthine conspiracy with links to a twenty-seven-year-old investigation by her late employer and to the chaos and trauma of the dying days of the Second World War.

As Wada uncovers a dizzying web of connections between then and now, it becomes clear that someone has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the past buried. Soon those she loves most will be sucked into the orbit of one of the most powerful men in Tokyo. And he will do whatever it takes to hold on to his power…

There you have it – all Robert Goddard’s Umiko Wada books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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