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Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

Who’s Your Victim?

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We’ve kicked off our thrilling new crime novel with a chapter by the creator of Bryant & May – Christopher Fowler!

Read the full chapter by Christopher Fowler titled The Elimination Bureau on the Specsavers website.
The First Chapter – The Elimination Bureau

Ian is out of luck after losing his job, being dumped by his wife for a Glaswegian named Jake with a shady past and being flat broke.

When an odd-looking credit card with a £250,000 limit arrives in Ian’s name, he asks “What do I get for £250k”. The chilling reply from the activation line states: “We could kill your wife?”

This gripping first chapter by Christopher Fowler features the world’s most expensive handgun. Find out how it’s used, what happens to Ian and his wife and then YOU DECIDE who’s life is forfeit.

We’re trusting you to make the right choice…


    I’m an avid reader especially mystery , suspense etc. It. Starts out great so I’d be very interested to read the whole book. I picked Jake but he’s. Too obviously the bad guy so I’ve changed my mind. Unless of course u can bring something in his past that would. B a surprise.

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