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Who’s Who in Bones

Bones is an American crime drama series that first aired on Fox in 2005. Dark comedic moments have earned the show a legion of fans both in the US and the UK and it’s the chemistry between the characters that makes this series so addictive.

Set in Washington, each episode follows an FBI Case File masterfully solved by FBI Special Agent Seeley Both and his partner, Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan and her team of Squints (Scientists) at the fictional Jeffersonian Institute Forensic Sciences Department. Each episode is solved by the analysis of human remains where the series gets its name. Bones is loosely based on the novels by Forensic Anthropologist and best-selling Author Kathy Reichs.

Series 8 is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD. It follows the team as Booth and Brennan reunite against Pelant, Sweets is faced with a change in circumstances, Angela rediscovers her artistic roots and romance is in the air for a surprising new couple!

The ninth series is on its way so we thought it was a good time to create a handy guide to the recurring characters! If you’ve never watched Bones before beware our guide may include some spoilers.

Dr Temperance Brennan a.k.a. BONES

Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan works at the renowned Jeffersonian Institute. The head of her field, she has a Sherlockian ability to analyse human remains and tell the story of how that person lived… and died. Earning her the nickname Bones bestowed upon her by Booth in the first series. Bones leads the team at the Jeffersonian and usually has an intern working with her. Many of the shows comedic moments comes from Bones inability to understand social interaction or popular culture.

Special Agent Seeley Booth a.k.a. BOOTH

Ex-Military Sniper FBI Agent Booth provides the layman’s counter-point to Brennan’s super intelligence. Booth’s skills are with his gun, his quips and his intuition. Basing decision making on gut instinct, Booth is the antithesis to Bones hyper-analysis. Booth has a son from a previous relationship that he is overly protective of and is fiercely loyal of his friends and loved ones. He also uses clothing to mark his individuality from other FBI agents – stripy socks or novelty belt buckles.

Angela Montenegro

An artist at heart, Angela is Brennan’s best friend and has previously championed and interpreted Bones brusque manner for the benefit of other people. Angela is the institute’s specialist in craniofacial reconstruction, taking the human skull and reconstructing the face using bone markers to aid in identifying a victim’s identity. A whizz with computers, Angela has created specialised programs for the Jeffersonian and is married to Dr Hodgins.

Dr Jack Hodgins

Secret millionaire Jack Hodgins is the lab’s bug and slime expert! Hodgins has the ability to verify time of death and location based on the bug’s and minerals found on victim’s bodies. With a deeply sarcastic streak, Hodgins is also a keen conspirarcy theorist, believing the Government to be covering up the existence of everything from drug testing to aliens. Married to Angela, Dr Hodgins enjoys elaborate lab experiments that involve blowing things up.

Dr Lance Sweets

Arriving in Series 3 to analyse the relationship between Bones and Booth, Sweets is a Psychologist for the FBI and regularly profiles potential suspects for the team. Having previously been in a relationship with Bones intern Daisy Wick (who nicknamed him Sir Lance-a-lot!) Dr Sweets is currently single.

Dr Camille Saroyan

Dr Saroyan is trained as a Pathologist and is the head of the Forensic Division at the Jeffersonian Institute. Joining in Series 2, Cam as she is affectionately known, arrived with a previous history with Booth that was gradually revealed and has now been put to rest. The boss of the team – Cam has to make some hard decisions and put her team before herself.

That’s the main characters revealed in Bones. Recurring appearances from interns Wendell Bray, Colin Fisher, Daisy Wick and Arastoo Vaziri add some delightful moments as do the family relationships highlighted by any scene with Bones’ criminal Father and Angela’s Dad the guitarist of ZZ Top!

Nine series might seem daunting but the premise of science combating murder, the developing relationships of the characters and the comedy of Brennan’s frequent offers to beat people up makes this television gold!



    I love both the Kathy Reichs books (I’ve read them all) and Bones (I have all the series on DVD and I’m currently watching number 8). You’re right, the chemistry between the characters is what makes this show. Great books and great show!

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