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7 reasons why we’re glad Broadchurch is coming back

If you’re as big a fan of ITV’s truly excellent crime drama – and worldwide smash hit – Broadchurch as we are, you’ll no doubt know that they’re currently shooting a second series of the multiple BAFTA-winning show. And if you’re even half the fan of it that we are here, you’ll be rather absurdly excited about the prospect…

The Dorset-set drama was one of the undeniable highlights of the 2013 schedules. So to celebrate its recommissioning, here are seven reasons why we’re so very pleased to see Broadchurch back on our screens:

1. Doctor Who returns!

Well, okay, it’s been a few years since David Tennant has been the Time Lord. And don’t we know it – there’s no trace of sonic screwdrivers and time-travelling police boxes in Tennant’s performance as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy. His multi-faceted character is hard-bitten and tinged with sadness. He was a real revelation in the first series, so we’re eager to see how the Scottish actor can develop Hardy in series two.

2. The rest of the original cast are back

It’s not just the former Doctor who’s returning. The ever-brilliant Peep Show and Tyrannosaur star Olivia Coleman, fresh from her BAFTA win for the first outing, returns alongside most of the original cast. Jodie Whittaker, Andrew Buchan and Arthur Darvill are all pitching up once more and, as far as we’re concerned, that’s top news.

3. Some brilliant new actors have been signed up

One of the finest actresses Britain has ever produced, Charlotte Rampling, will join the already fine array of actors taking part. How brilliant is that? Secrets & Lies star Marianne Jean-Baptiste adds to the classy feel with Hitchcock and Cloud Atlas’s dishy James D’Arcy also featuring alongside the original line up. Expect more BAFTA bothering when awards season comes around again.

4. Intrigue

We’re looking forward to another tense and mysterious whodunit. The last one had us all crowded around watercoolers across the land discussing who could’ve been behind the death of 11-year-old Danny Latimer. And we’re keen to have our collective imagination captured once again…

5. The same but different

By all accounts, the tone will remain the same, but while early reports are sketchy they indicate that the second series won’t be a carbon copy of the first. In fact, it may not even feature a murder… That’s not to say that it won’t have plenty of suspense and cliffhanging – perhaps literally this time?!

6. Classy remakes

Broadchurch 2 should inspire a second series of the US remake of Broadchurch, Gracepoint, which is fantastic. David Tennant stars in the American version too, alongside Anna Gunn, Michael Peña and even Hollywood heavyweight Nick Nolte. And, from what we’ve seen of ‘season’ one of Gracepoint, you’ll want to catch it.

7. The fantastic setting

Series two will again be set around Dorset’s visually stunning Jurassic Coast, offering up some truly fantastic views to us sofa dwellers at home. The beautiful West Bay in Dorset played host to the dark drama in the first series and was almost another character in itself, so mesmerising was it to observe. Steep, crumbling cliffs. Imposing natural rock formations. Gorgeous sea, sandy beaches… It’s not a UNESCO World Heritage Site for nothing, you know.

It’s safe to say we’re looking forward to it! How about you?

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