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Paddy Meehan books in order: the complete series

Looking for Denise Mina’s Paddy Meehan books in order? Look no further!

Paddy Meehan is an aspiring reporter on the Scottish Daily News, a fictional Glaswegian newspaper in the 1980s and 90s. Always chasing the story, Meehan’s ambition regularly puts her in conflict with families, the community and people who’d rather she leaves the secrets she’s unearthing buried.

Denise Mina makes the tartan noir genre her own with her spine-chilling social realism, uncompromising heroine and masterful prose, making her one of the most exciting Scottish crime writers right now.

A pacy trilogy of addictive thrillers that’ll keep you awake at night.

Denise Mina’s Paddy Meehan books in order:

The Field of Blood by Denise Mina

1. Field of Blood (2005)

In Glasgow, a child goes missing, taken from the front garden of his home. The investigation leads the police to the doors of two young boys.

Paddy Meehan has just started work at a local newspaper where she dreams of becoming an investigative journalist. Although everyone around her believes the boys acted on their own, she is certain there is more to it and begins to ask awkward questions.

But Paddy’s investigation has repercussions she never anticipated. Shunned by those closest to her, she finds herself dangerously alone.

The Dead Hour by Denise Mina

2. The Dead Hour (2006)

Journalist Paddy Meehan is called to a domestic dispute in a wealthy Glasgow suburb. The woman bleeding from a head injury doesn’t want any help and the well-dressed man beside her assures Paddy that everything is fine. But when she is given a £50 note to keep quiet, she becomes suspicious.

The next morning, the woman is dead. Paddy has found the story she has been waiting for, yet she will lose all credibility if word gets out about her bribe. To make matters worse, the police who attended the scene are twisting the evidence. Only Paddy cares enough to pursue a dark truth that could make her career – or get her killed.

The Last Breath by Denise Mina

3. The Last Breath (2007)

Paddy Meehan finally has it all: a flat of her own in Glasgow and a job as one of Scotland’s leading newspaper columnists. Then the police knock on her door. Her former lover Terry has been found in a ditch, shot through the head.

Even though they had split up months before, Terry has left her everything, including a house in Ayrshire and boxes of notebooks. As Paddy digs deeper into his murder, it soon becomes clear that the secret he was about to expose is worth killing for. And that she is next in line.

There you have it – all Denise Mina’s Paddy Meehan books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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