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Clay Edison books in order: the complete series

Looking for Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman’s Clay Edison books in order? Look no further!

Former star basketball player turned deputy coroner Clay Edison is drawn into often brutal, always complicated murders, in this California-based psychological thriller series from father and son writing partnership Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman.

The four books so far offer everything you’d want in a chilling thriller – well-fleshed out characters, pacy plots and a central protagonist who is determined to uncover the truth, no matter how deadly.

This is page-turning crime fiction you’ll read in one sitting.

Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman’s Clay Edison books in order:

Crime Scene by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman

1. Crime Scene (2017)

Natural causes or foul play? That’s the question deputy coroner Clay Edison must answer each time he examines a body. Figuring out motives and chasing down suspects aren’t part of his beat – until a seemingly open-and-shut case proves to be more than meets his highly trained eye.

Eccentric, reclusive Walter Rennert lies cold at the bottom of his stairs. At first glance the scene looks straightforward: a once-respected psychology professor done in by booze and a bad heart. But his daughter Tatiana insists that he has been murdered, and she persuades Clay to take a closer look at the grim facts of Rennert’s life.

When Clay learns that Rennert’s colleague died in a nearly identical manner, he becomes even more determined to discover the truth behind the man’s death. The twisting trail Clay follows will lead him into the darkest corners of the human soul.

It’s his job to listen to the tales told by the dead. But this time, he’s part of a story that makes his blood run cold.

A Measure of Darkness by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman

2. A Measure of Darkness (2018)

A wild party in a gentrifying East Bay neighbourhood. A heated argument that spills into the street. Gunshots. Chaos.

When the smoke clears, the mystery reveals itself: there is one victim whose death doesn’t match the others. She has been brutalized and abandoned, stripped of ID and left to die: it falls to Deputy Coroner Clay Edison to give her a name and a voice.

Clay embarks upon a journey into a hidden world where innocence and perversity mingle… and before long, his relentless pursuit of the truth will lead him right into the line of fire.

Lost Souls by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman

3. Lost Souls (2020)

Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is juggling a new baby who won’t sleep with working the graveyard shift. For once he’s trying to keep things simple.

When infant remains are found by developers demolishing a local park, a devastating cold case is brought back to light.

Clay has barely begun to investigate when he receives a call from a man who thinks the remains could belong to his sister – who went missing fifty years ago. Now Clay is locked in a relentless search that will unearth a web of violence, secrets and betrayal. Because in this town, the past isn’t dead. It’s very much alive. And it can kill.

The Burning by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman

4. The Burning (2021)

When a wealthy man is found murdered in his hilltop home, Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is shocked to discover a link to his own brother Luke on the scene. Luke is fresh out of prison and struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. But surely he’s not a killer?

When Luke goes missing, the case becomes even more fraught for Clay. He knows that the conflict between family and the truth could take him down the wrong path. Is his brother capable of murder? Or could he be a victim too?

As wildfires and blackouts sweep through the state of California, the truth will only get harder to find.

The Lost Coast by Jonathan Kellerman

5. The Lost Coast (August 2024)

When coroner-turned-private investigator Clay Edison is approached to work on a fraud case, he uncovers more than he bargained before: a decades-old scheme targeting the vulnerable.

His investigation leads him to a strange town in the remote California wilderness where the residents don’t care much for outsiders.

They certainly don’t like Clay asking questions. And they’ll do just about anything to keep him quiet…

There you have it – all Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman’s Clay Edison books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    I love the father’s Delaware books!
    However…his books with his son Jesse
    Are not very good!
    Suggest they get a new him ( Jess a new line of work. Very disapointed.

    I love this series! Are there going to be anymore Clay Edison books?

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