Killing Eve series 2 episode 6 review

Killing Eve series 2 episode 6

WARNING: some mild spoilers for Killing Eve series 2 episode 6 ahead. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 5 here.

“I hope you like missionary!”

Not only is this the name of this sixth episode of Killing Eve’s impressive second series, it’s also the standout line from 45 minutes that are jam-packed with memorably barbed quips and insults.

This particular one-liner is fired at Gemma, Niko’s work colleague/friend/probably future love interest. It’s spat out by Eve after she discovers that Niko has sought refuge with her after (somewhat understandably) walking out of their marital home after the whole Eve and Villanelle thing gets too much for him.

It had looked as though the Polastris were going to patch things up after Niko stormed into the house, rain soaked, and rather passionately and aggressively pinned Eve to the wall and growled:

“Do you like all of this? Does it excite you? What do you want from me, Eve? Do you want me to love you or do you want me to frighten you?”

Turns out, however, that despite enjoying the proceeding slap n’ tickle session, Niko decided that he just couldn’t handle the lies. Or the fact that Villanelle, who suggested the idea of a little ‘forceful union’ to him at the end of last week’s Killing Eve, knows his wife’s desires better than he does.

Even with that rather varied and lively evening’s activity, Eve uses Niko’s usual normal guy approach in the bedroom as an insult when yelling “I hope you like missionary!” to Gemma. Gemma gives her intentions away a wee bit by instinctively shooting back, “I do, actually!”

Unsurprisingly, Eve throws herself into her work – well, even further into it – and into the figurative arms of Villanelle. Now certain that data king and blackmailer Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes, bully Mark Donovan in The Inbetweeners) killed his dad, Eve and Carolyn need solid proof. Yet again, the only way Eve can think of getting it is by hiring a certain hit-woman.

That’s twice now that Villanelle’s been hired by MI5 as some kind of criminal consultant for hire. She’ll be on a retainer soon.

To get to Peele, Villanelle must exploit his one weak link – his sister. So she befriends her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, killing her minder along the way. Partly for convenience, partly to remind Eve that, when all is said and done, she’s still a stone cold killer, after all.

As if that wasn’t enough, she spells it out for Eve too…

“Don’t speak to me like that, Eve. I like you, but I don’t like you that much. Don’t forget – the only thing that makes you interesting is me.”

Is that a diss? Or some more twisted flirting? We already know there’s something of a sub/dom thing going at work here.

We end with Villanelle – in character as bored New Yorker Billie – blagging a dinner at the Peeles. It’s a rendezvous that ends on a rather sour note, but could well see her get what she – well, Eve – wants next week. Meanwhile, in a rather odd final scene, we’re left wondering if Villanelle is about to keep herself busy by turning a couple of young women into kebabs…

The quality of script is still very much there with this sophomore series, even if the set pieces and action are a little short of the frankly absurd standard of the debut run. What we lack in glamorous locales and truly memorable scenes is more than made up for in performances. Sandra Oh just gets better and better the more Eve breaks bad. But, as ever, we need to talk about Jodie Comer.

Seriously, is there a better actress working on television today? Okay, so the six exceptional female leads on Big Little Lies might have something to say about it, but for us – the Liverpudlian’s ongoing performance here as Villanelle is utterly perfect. Whether she’s playing the character as lovelorn, angry, bored, jealous or just plain daft, Comer hits the right note every time. Pitch perfect.

Not only that, but her ability to slip between personalities and characters when Villanelle is called upon to adopt a new persona and accent is just scarily good.

There’s a moment here when Villanelle is Billie and she ‘opens up’ to her AA circle that is just heartbreaking. Get some Brasso in, Jodes. You’ve got an Emmy headed your way.

What did you think of Killing Eve series 2 episode 6? Let us know in the comments below…

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