Killing Eve series 2 episode 7 review

Killing Eve series 2 episode 7

WARNING: some mild spoilers for Killing Eve series 2 episode 7 ahead. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 6 here.

It’s a been a rather saucy series, this. The first run of Killing Eve had its risqué moments, of course – not least of all that whole Freudian slow-knife-in-the-belly bedroom scene at the very end. But things have really ramped up a notch here. Last week forced us to spy on Eve and Niko as they indulged in a little marital caper in a scene that should have come with a ‘do not watch with family members’ warning. And this week? Well, it’s all going on…

We were presented with a twosome of threesomes here. Kind of. The episode opened with Eve discovering Villanelle’s ménage à trois with the two young women she met in the kebab shop (classy) at the end of episode 6. Later, as Villanelle treated an excited Eve to some breathy pillow talk via a hidden microphone, Eve decided to take her earpiece commentary into bed with Hugo.

“Thanks for the threesome,” he spat out rather crossly when he realised in the morning what inspired the rather impromptu bunk-up.

Then there’s the true pervert of the piece – Peel. Aaron Peel, we already know, is a control freak psychopath intent on selling his ‘data weapon’ to the highest bidder. As he does so, he fancies having a living doll to accompany him in Rome for the deal. One he can watch and instruct. Like the blank-faced and voyeuristic computer programmer he is. His objectification of Billie/Villanelle here is rather stomach churning to say the least.

Speaking of churned stomachs, we were reminded that Villanelle isn’t just a great actress who’s happy to moonlight for British intelligence just to get a chance to hang out with Eve. She’s also – still – a bloodthirsty killer. Much like Hannibal Lecter and his work with Clarice Starling and Will Graham in Thomas Harris’ books and their adaptations, the smart but maniacal murderer can be a useful pet, but it’s one to be kept on a very short leash.

After scheming to get Niko and his mooning colleague Gemma together to free up Eve, Villanelle decides this week to attack them both, merely knocking out Eve’s husband but doing away with Gemma in typically grotesque fashion.

It’s a strange decision. Even given their mutual obsession with each other and Eve’s propensity towards psychopathy herself, she’s still not likely to just brush off such a senseless and cruel murder, is she? Even if the victim was a love rival of sorts.

This was the penultimate episode of this thankfully rather excellent second season. There was very little hint as to what to expect from next week’s big finale here, but one can only imagine that Eve and Villanelle’s plan to entrap Aaron goes awry, the creep sees through the charade and it all goes south.

We’re not convinced there’s too much peril in the shape of Aaron Peel, given he’s just a humourless spoiled brat IT type and Villanelle is a world class assassin backed by MI6, but hey – this is Killing Eve… It’ll be brilliant somehow.

We’re imagining the Peel story will get wrapped up in fairly short order, leaving the rest of the final episode as an Eve/Villanelle face-off. Which is always when this stand-out crime drama, well… stands out.

What did you think of Killing Eve series 2 episode 7? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Liz Sherriff says

    The first series was original, darkly humorous, dangerous and naughty and after each episode we couldn’t wait to watch the next. This series however, for me, has felt flat, confusing, disjointed and boring! We’ve watched to follow through really. Jodie Comer still delights as Villanelle though.