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First Look: What Remains

Announced this week by the BBC, What Remains is a new four-part whodunnit crime drama coming in September.

The credits for What Remains scream for it to be taken seriously! Written by Tony Basgallop (Inside Men), directed by Coky Giedroyc (The Hour) and starring David Threlfall in his first role since ShamelessWhat Remains tells the tale of a South London block of flats where everyone is a suspect. The crime? Murder! But with a twist – the victim has been dead several years and no one had noticed she’d gone. What Remains taps into a universal fear.

The drama has a stellar line up: Being Human‘s Russell Tovey, Steven Mackintosh, Pride & Prejudice‘s David Bamber – the list goes on and on!


Watch the trailer:

What Remains


Writer Tony Basgallop told the BBC: ‘I like to spy on my neighbours. Not in a blatantly creepy way, just the curtain twitching variety of spying. Watching them come and go at all hours, hearing them fight and scream at one another. We all wonder what really goes on behind those closed doors, don’t we? We all take a sneaky peak inside their recycling bins when we walk by. I guess that’s what I was trying to tap into when creating the suspects in this drama.’

Just as we thought there’d be a dirth of good crime drama after Top of the Lake finishes What Remains has crested our horizon. We’ll be waiting with baited breath to see if What Remains continues 2013’s excellent offerings of crime drama on the BBC…

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