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Paranoid episode 4 review

Oh Paranoid.

Just when you’ve got me gripped with a few genuine thrills or an intriguing plot twist, you have to hurl something so utterly ludicrous and unbelievable into the mix that it inevitably causes light smoke to emerge from my trusty incredulity meter.

The fairly poor detective team from Woodmere CID are investigating the death of a local GP which has turned into a full blown European conspiracy, involving an indestructible hoodie wearing killer (for god’s sake David Cameron, don’t hug him), a mysterious ‘Ghost Detective’ and a creepy psychiatrist who looks a bit like the Ghost Detective and so keeps confusing me.

This creepy psychiatrist has a history with lovely/sinister Quaker Lucy, the one involved with detective Bobby, though she has some ghastly hidden secret which she mentions to the detectives but has yet to be revealed as they don’t bother asking for any details. The evil shrink also has his hooks in Alec’s crazed mother and obviously has beef with Alec himself, because his jaw gets all clenchy when he’s in the area.

The murder victim, Angela, had somehow stumbled across something nefarious and had typed up her thoughts and fears before secreting the pages somewhere. These pages are what the investigating team are hunting for. Unfortunately, the bad hoodie has got there first (yet again) and burnt them. So they decide to track down the elusive Ghost Detective and ask him to help them be better police people.

All except for Bobby who has been sent to Dusseldorf to show the Germans just how sweaty a British detective can be. After his full-on-ness and pill popping has freaked out the German investigation team, they stumble across the slightly scatty Sheri who vaguely leads them to a beer-hall-filled part of town where they happen to bump into the exact criminal they’re looking for. Isn’t that convenient!

And this criminal seems perfectly happy about being interrogated in English, which is also pretty nice. Nobody likes subtitles, except in all of those ones on excellent Scando-Thrillers that we know and love.

Paranoid episode 4

Thanks to the quick thinking of gay German detective Walti (I only mention the fact that he’s gay because the show itself brings it up it every four seconds. Linda actually introduces him by saying ‘He’s gay’ and later brings up the number of boyfriends he’s had and his floppy gazebo) they find out that their suspect was fake Facebook pals with Angela’s dead husband! That’s handy!

Oh, and Bobby refers to the suspect as ‘a lump of piss’, which nobody seems to question. I’m a native English speaker and I have no idea what a lump of piss could possibly be.

And the conveniences don’t end there. Alec decides to Google the fake name the Ghost Detective uses and discovers he’s probably a doctor. Even though they’ve known this information since episode 1. Soon they track the wily surgeon to a cliff top where he’s about to kill himself and his wheelchair bound wife. Obviously time is of the essence, so Nina and Alec sit in a lay-by while she tells him a fairly long story about her dad.

Thankfully for them the Ghost Detective can’t go through with his murder-suicide plot and the team are soon hot on his heels. But, oh dear, is that a hooded figure lurking nearby? Probably. He seems to pop up everywhere.

Paranoid genuinely has me intrigued by the conspiracy that the team have stumbled across and insist on ineffectually investigating. But the ‘coincidences’ and ‘lucky breaks’ are starting to pile up in the plot which is beginning to feel a bit tired. I’m starting to fear the show has painted itself into a corner story-wise and can’t quite figure out how to escape. And we’re only halfway through!

Did you tune in for Paranoid episode 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Dale Shaw
Dale Shaw
Dale Shaw

Dale Shaw is a television and radio writer, journalist, screenwriter, performer and musician. His first book, Letters of Not, was published by The Friday Project in 2014, with his second, F**k This Journal, published by Headline in 2015. He has written for The Now Show, The News Quiz, Russell Howard’s Good News, The Impressions Show, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, One, School of Comedy, as well as for The GuardianIndex, Huffington Post, BBC Online, Washington City Paper and many more.

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    Thanks for writing these! I’m four episodes in and am so confused – turns out the police are just terrible on the show!

    Oh, and don’t forget the horror of the wardrobe on this show – whyyyyyyyy?

    Yeah, but if Bobby weren’t sweaty/shaky how would we ever know that he’s having a panic attack?! Sigh.

    But still, thx for your reviews, they make it easier to persevere.

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