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Robert Goddard’s The Ways of the World

In recent years, Robert Goddard has been described as ‘the master of the triple double-cross’ (The Times), ‘a conjurer’ (The Guardian) and ‘a compelling storyteller’ (The Sunday Telegraph). Time Out went a step further by labelling him ‘one of Britain’s finest thriller writers’ – and who are we to argue? Robert’s novels grip you from the first page, are thoroughly compelling and contain the kind of unexpected plot twists that will leave you disoriented and dizzy, yet still hungry for more.

The Ways of the World, published in hardback and ebook on 4th July, is no different. Set in Paris at the end of the Great War, The Ways of the World opens with the mysterious death of a senior British diplomat that is passed off as a bizarre accident by the local authorities. Convinced otherwise, one man attempts to uncover the truth and throws himself head first into the dark heart of a seemingly impenetrable mystery.

And here’s a note from Robert himself, introducing his new novel:

Every new novel is a new departure for a writer, but The Ways of the World is also a change of scope for me. It initiates a trilogy of novels about the quest of James ‘Max’ Maxted, former First World War flying ace, to discover the strange and beguiling truth that lies behind the death of his father, Sir Henry Maxted, in Paris during the spring of 1919.

Paris and the famous post-war peace conference the city hosted are characters themselves in the peopling of this story. As the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War approaches, I found myself drawn to the intrigues, the conflicts and the unexplained twists of fate that made the conference a uniquely cosmopolitan drama. It was, in a very real sense, the last, the longest and arguably the most important battle of the war. There were many casualties, but it took the rest of the twentieth century to reveal them.

Into this historical melting-pot I have plunged a cast of very human characters, to wage a struggle none of them fully understand. Max will discover in the course of The Ways of the World that his father did not die in an accident, as the Paris police maintain, but was murdered. He will find out why, and he will track down the murderer – despite the best efforts of powerful enemies to stop him. But for him – and the people he comes into contact with – that is only the beginning. They have embarked, without realizing it, upon a journey that will lead to a destination and a secret they could never have imagined.

Join them on their journey. Taste the mystery. And guess where it may be taking you. The ways of the world are many – but the truth stands alone.

Robert Goddard

Click here to find out more about the sequel to The Ways of the World, Corners of the Globe.

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    Never having read Robert Goddard before and being very impressedwith this un-put-downable book, I was thoroughly annoyed when i got to the end and it said TO BE CONTINUED. Cant wait to read the next one but please dont let me down like that again……….

    I have read most of Robert goddards books twice and i love the character Harry Barnett. To say i enjoyed ‘The ways of the world’ is an understatement. I can’t wait for the sequel. Roll on July i will be one of the first to buy it.

    Thank you for such brillant writing Mr Goddard. Have you any plans for Harry?

    I was hooked on Robert’s books from the very first one I read. Since then I have read every one and In Pale Battalions twice.
    Thankyou for the high quality of your writing and the absence of unnecessary expletives which to me is an enormous plus factor.
    I await part 2 of the Maxted trilogy with great anticipation.

    To say that ‘the ways of the world’ was good would be like saying Lionel Messi can kick a ball – a bit of an understatement – so please can we have part 2 of the trilogy. I’ve read all of your other books and so literally have nothing else to read until it comes out!

    Just finished The Ways of the World and after repeating a four letter word, not normally in my vocabulary, about 20 times I’m now looking at the author’s website. I gather that what I have just read is the first book in a trilogy and at 86 I’m wondering if I’ll last the distance. In case I don’t I’m mentally writing a sequel, such is the influence this book had me. At first I thought that this was the challenge to the reader from a wily author. The book is superb. I’m looking forward to reading more of Robert Goddard’s novels.

    Same as Faye when will the ways of the world continuation be published

    Travelled to Exeter, England from Aust. and discovered Robert Goddard in a charity shop. I have collected his novels in Exeter and brought them back to Aust. and continue to buy and collect. My favourite fave is “Never go Back” with Harry Barnett. I have read all my Goddard novels twice and the Harry Barnett trilogy 3 times.
    I wish I could write like that! Looking forward to next book, will it continue on from “The Ways of the World’?

    I’ve just read “The Ways of the World”. Please can you tell me when the sequel is due because I really enjoyed the book and desparately want to know what happens next.

    Many thanks for your excellent novels. I love reading your books.
    Kind regards
    Lauraine parkinson

    As usual of Robert Goddard’s books, “The ways of the World” makes one want to keep on reading and reading.

    When can we expect the subsequent books in the trilogy?


    Dear Robert, I enjoyed your latest book “The ways of the world”
    very much but I feel your publishers gave you and your readers a great diservice by not informing them at the beginning that it was part
    of a series. I can only think that thought it wouldn’t sell so many books if they told people, but everyone I have spoken to about the book agree that they would have liked to have been told. It’s a great let down to get to the last page and find “TO BE CONTINUED’ Patricia Aves Australia

    The lack of an announcement informing us that Ways of the World is part of a trilogy has taken me completely by surprise, I was very upset to get to the last page to find the comment TO BE CONTINUED.
    Have checked Mr. Goddard’s website, amazon and others to find there is no notice about release dates of the next books in the series.
    Could you please advise, when we can expect at least the second book in the trilogy?
    Even though I have read all Mr. Goddard’s published books to date, if I had known that this was a trilogy, I would not have purchased the book until the third in the series has been published. I am an impatient reader and do not like waiting, so my habit is to always purchase a complete set, so that I can read at my own pace.

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Very sorry that has upset you – checking online I think the next one is due out in July next year but that may change. I know how frustrating it can be when you’re into a good book.



    I have every book written by Robert. I particularly enjoy the books which are based on history .Painting the Darkness and Hand in Glove being classic examples.Over the years of have spent quite some time especially in France.
    I look forward to the following books of this trilogy but have to admit that the message to be continued did throw me so accessed the official website.
    I still have all the books and would have read each of them at least 3 times..I await with eager anticipation.

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