Strangers episode 5 review

Strangers episode 5

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Last week’s instalment of ITV1’s frantic crime drama Strangers ended with something of a bang, directed squarely at the back of our determined semi-hero Jonah Mulray’s confused head. Knocked out cold on a luxury boat moored up in a Macau port, the man desperate for answers about his murdered wife continued to pay the price for his unrelenting difficult question-asking.

This week’s episode ended with another bang, albeit a slightly more metaphorical one. True, it also ended with Jonah being assaulted by a Triad again, but it was the very final scene that was truly impactful. Only it seems as though our true bad guys may just have emerged. And, in keeping with a series that’s largely set in Hong Kong, it’s almost fitting that the baddies should be the big posh English sorts.

More on that shortly.

Jonah awakes from his enforced slumber sans his now-trademark blue shirt. That’s two pieces of clothing he’s lost in as many weeks: there’s a dirty beige blazer in a casino lost property and now an even filthier blue shirt abandoned somewhere in a marina. After four episodes in the same clothes though, we welcomed his new look – a touristy police-donated ‘I Love Macau’ t-shirt (which was also dirty for some reason – dry cleaning must be expensive in that area of Far East Asia).

Keen to tell his story to the police, he firmly throws his late wife’s other spouse under the bus, telling the authorities all about Reza’s body and David Chen’s likely guilt. It doesn’t take long for police to, quite reasonably, consider Jonah a suspect and arrest him instead. Bailed out by Emilia Fox’s British consulate worker Sally, he ignores her suggestion to let it lie and go home in favour of doing what he does best… Bumbling around shouting questions at men much tougher than him.

With seemingly zero regard for his own personal safety, our Englishman abroad decides to go wedding crashing (via a tailor, so he’s back in a blue shirt again). He rather showily interrupts the nuptials of gangster Kai Huang’s brother to accuse the groom’s sibling of murder. But just as it looked as though the Huangs were going to deal with Jonah in the kind of way that you’d imagine an angry Triad family might deal with a shouting man who ruins one of their weddings, there’s a reprieve. The patriarch of the family grasses his son Kai up to the police and he’s carted off, perhaps as something of a fall guy.

‘It’s my mess, I’ll clean it up’, Sally tells her consulate boss Arthur Bach at the end of the episode. The mess, she admits, involves the death of Megan Harris. How? That’s information we’re not quite privy to as yet. Why not? Well, there are still a few episodes of Strangers left. But with this week’s 50 minutes dedicating a little too much time to rather unnecessary flashbacks of Jonah and Megan’s wedding day, we couldn’t help but think that there was more than enough time to clue us in.

Is Sally really the big bad guy? It seems a little early for that to be the big reveal. On the other hand, though? It would explain why someone the calibre of Ms Fox was brought in to play what would otherwise have been a fairly dreary character.

Hopefully next Monday night’s action reveals the extent of her involvement in Megan’s death…

Did you catch Strangers episode 5? What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments below…

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