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Tom Bradby’s Kate Henderson Books in Order | Series List

Looking for Tom Bradby’s Kate Henderson books in order? Look no further!

Senior MI6 officer Kate Henderson heads up the Russia desk of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service where her undercover investigations reveal clandestine informers, national secrets and illicit dealings of the British government and beyond.

Written by ITN journalist and Sunday Times bestselling author Tom Bradby, this is a ripped-from-the-headlines series that is as topical as it is timely, and a pacy collection of addictive thrillers that spotlight the heart of the British Establishment.

Here are Tom Bradby’s Kate Henderson books in order.

Kate Henderson books in order: the complete series:

Secret Service by Tom Bradby

1. Secret Service

The world is on the brink of crisis. The Cold War is playing out once more on the global stage. The Worlds’ governments will do whatever it takes to stay at the top…

To those who don’t really know her, Kate Henderson’s life must seem perfectly ordinary. But she is in fact a senior MI6 officer, who right now is nursing the political equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

Kate’s most recent mission has yielded the startling intelligence that the British Prime Minister has cancer – and that one of the leading candidates to replace him may be a Russian agent of influence.

Up against the clock to uncover the Russian mole, Kate risks everything to get to the truth. But with her reputation to uphold, her family hanging by a thread and a leadership election looming, she is quickly running out of options, and out of time.

Double Agent by Tom Bradby

2. Double Agent

It was supposed to be a quiet family weekend away. But for Senior MI6 officer Kate Henderson, nothing is ever that simple…

Kidnapped in Venice by a Russian defector, Kate knows she’s in trouble. But all is not as it seems. The spy offers her conclusive evidence that the British Prime Minister is a live agent working for Moscow. Kate’s holiday quickly becomes the start of her next mission.

With proof of the PM involved in a sordid scandal and a financial paper trail that undeniably links him to the Russians, the evidence seems bulletproof. But the motives of the defector are anything but clear. And, more worryingly, it seems that there are key people at the heart of the British Establishment who refuse to acknowledge the reality in front of them.

Kate can trust no one, and this mission will push her dangerously close to the edge… but is that the price to pay for the truth?

Triple Cross by Tom Bradby

3. Triple Cross

Attempting to rebuild her shattered life in the South of France, former MI6 operative Kate Henderson receives an unexpected and most unwelcome visit from an old adversary: the UK Prime Minister. He has an extraordinary story to tell – and he needs her help.

A Russian agent has come forward with news that the PM has been the victim of the greatest misinformation play in the history of MI6. It’s run out of a special KGB unit that exists for one purpose alone: to process the intelligence from ‘Agent Dante’, a mole right at the heart of MI6 in London.

Against her better judgement, Kate is forced back into the fray in a top-secret, deeply flawed and dangerous investigation. But now she’s damaged goods. Her one-time allies no longer trust her. And neither do her enemies.

With the stakes this high, can the truth ever come out? Or is the cost of uncovering it a price that no one, least of all Kate, can afford to pay?

There you have it – Tom Bradby’s Kate Henderson books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    I’ve just finished the third Kate Henderson spy novel- gripped and surprised till the end- hope there is a fourth- set in “One Country TWO systems?!! Mandarin or Cantonese will make an exciting backdrop to another twisting and heroic tale of intrigue!

    Now read all three and I can only tell you what a magnificent read each book has been. Never suspected the ending of book three until the last three pages, absolutely brilliant, well done Tom Bradbury, continue and you will always be held in high esteem.

    Read all 3 brilliant what an end!!
    Can we see her continue her career please?

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