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Heartland books in order: the complete series

Looking for Walter Lucius’s Heartland books in order? Look no further!

This compelling trilogy follows the adventures of two investigative journalists: Afghan-born Farah Hafez and Dutch-American Paul Chapelle.

Playing out in Amsterdam, Jakata and Kabul, the three instalments touch on hard-hitting international issues from child trafficking to corruption in business and politics. Ambitious, intricate and fascinating, this bestselling Dutch trilogy will certainly leave an impression.

Here are Walter Lucius’s Heartland books in order.

Walter Lucius’s Heartland books in order:

Butterfly on the Storm by Walter Lucius

1. Butterfly on the Storm (2017)

On the outskirts of Amsterdam, a young Afghan boy is the victim of a hit-and-run. Journalist Farah Hafez visits the scene, seeking to discover how a child from her homeland ended up here. Instead, she finds a burnt-out car and two bodies – sinister clues to a far darker mystery.

Soon she’s on a journey that leads her into an intricate web of crime and corruption which stretches across Europe, and deep into a past that Farah had once sought to escape – a past that nearly killed her. If she goes back, will she ever make it out again?

Angel in the Shadows by Walter Lucius

2. Angel in the Shadows (2018)

While investigating what appeared to be a simple hit-and-run, journalist Farah Hafez became caught up in a web of crime and corruption that led to her kidnap. Detained in Russia, she was forced to pledge her allegiance to a terrorist group on camera.

Now sought by international security and members of the criminal class alike, Farah flees to Jakarta to continue her investigation while her friends and allies attempt to clear her name from across the globe. If Farah is ever going to regain her freedom, she needs to discover exactly what bought her here. But that might cost her her life…

A Sea of Flames by Walter Lucius

3. A Sea of Flames (2021)

In Saigon, 1965, war correspondent Raylan Chapelle suffers a horrifying experience. Thirty years later, his son, newsman Paul Chapelle, is in Moscow to investigate an attack on his former colleague when he stumbles on a well-guarded secret. And Farah Hafez, in the garden of the presidential palace in Kabul, is forced to relive a traumatic event from her childhood.

Different people. Different places. Different times. All entangled by threads of love and war – threads that Farah can’t help but unravel for a story, no matter the cost…

There you have it – all Walter Lucius’s Heartland books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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