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Broadchurch series 2 episode 3 review

WARNING: spoilers below

That’s better. This week, it feels like we’ve finally finished with the who’s who and can get back to what Broadchurch does best – secrets and lies. We’re back on the investigations and there’s been a definite shift, so we’re no longer sure what to believe. Did Joe actually kill Danny or is there more to the case than we first thought? And did Lee murder the Sandbrook cousins, and if so, is Claire lying about what she knows?

Either way, this episode gets Broadchurch firmly back on track, with plenty of watercooler questions allowing us to come up with our own conspiracy theories. Life in Broadchurch also moves on as Beth gives birth, helped by the one person she doesn’t want anywhere near – Ellie. She’s not the only unwelcome visitor though. When the vicar tries to draw the sign of the cross on the baby’s head, Mark isn’t happy: ‘God is not in this house, surely that’s clear by now’. In the most moving scene of the series so far, Mark welcomes baby Lizzie into the world telling her tearfully she is loved, and they’ll look after her. ‘We’ll get it right this time’ he says as all the Broadchurch die-hards are screaming ‘but what does that actually mean?!’

Meanwhile Alec tracks down Claire and Lee and finally we get the twist we’ve been looking for. It appears Claire might have known a little bit more than she let on about what happened at Sandbrook. A flashback sees her screaming ‘What have you done?’ and she later tells Ellie after a drunken night out that Lee drugged her with Rohypnol on the night of the murder and she woke up at 5am to find him cleaning the whole flat. Ellie secretly takes down Lee’s number from Claire’s phone.

We also get some insight into the other characters – Sharon’s son is in prison for an unknown crime and has six years left on his sentence. Jocelyn is seen visiting her elderly mother and is in arrears for her care-home bill. We see her become dazed and confused on the road after working long hours, leading her to crash her car. Is there more to her emotional state than meets the eye?

Lee clearly has an issue with Alec and reports him for falsely recording his conversation and attacking him simply to make a point and to get a public apology. He later turns up at Alec’s house with a bag full of evidence, urging Alec to take another look at the case. Crucially he denies sending Claire the bluebells, which she seems rather cagey about. So who is lying?

Broadchurch Series 2 Episode 3

In the Broadchurch case we finally get to trial. Here we hear Danny had a second mobile phone given to him by Joe and that he received emails from a false account set up on the family computer. The messages are intimate, talking about spending time together secretly. But they’re not necessarily sordid. One message from Joe reads ‘I know your dad will be sorry for hitting you. You can talk to me any time.’

The defence goes on to sow the seeds of doubt by saying the whole Miller family had access to the computer and that the texts merely show the phone was in the Millers’ house. The defence points out that Ellie would have had access to both right up until Joe’s arrest.

From there the defence takes it one step further, suggesting that Ellie was having an affair with Alec, because after the arrest she left her children to spend two and a half hours with him in a hotel room. She roughed up her husband and then met up with Alec, the defence says, to conspire to frame Joe. Implausible, yes, but wouldn’t that be a twist you didn’t see coming? Things definitely aren’t what they seem. I‘m back in.

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