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Broadchurch series 2 episode 5 review

WARNING: spoilers below

There’s something lovely and old-fashioned about appointment-to-view TV, but this week we really could have done with watching another couple of hours in the hope of a bit more action. Things are moving, but everything seems to take a long time to happen. Who else feels impatient and wishes they could watch the final few episodes in one sitting?

In Broadchurch series 2 episode 5 there was certainly less flitting about than in previous episodes, allowing us to sit back and watch rather than constantly needing to remember who said what, or which case we were focusing on. The pace slowed – perhaps too much – but we learned a lot more.

In the Miller trial, Susan Wright proves to be a liability for the defence. Jocelyn doubts Susan’s night vision and asks how she could recognise a man she hadn’t seen for 28 years. She also questioned why Susan didn’t call the police immediately, the presence of four cigarette butts near Danny’s body and her reason for taking his skateboard. The fatal blow, however, came when evidence surfaced that Susan threatened Maggie saying she knew men who could rape her. She was far from convincing as a witness. “You want to pin the blame on the son who rejected you,” shouted Jocelyn.

Alongside the trial, life in Broadchurch continues. Beth is trying to move on and set up the charity, but Mark is more interested in spending time with baby Lizzie. When Beth is actually confronted with a group of fairly shifty looking sex offenders she runs like the wind. Understandably.

Meanwhile Tom Miller announces he wants to give evidence in court. At the same time, Mark also offers to take the stand, knowing that Sharon wants to suggest that Mark killed Danny, and that Nigel simply put him on the beach.

broadchurch series 2 episode 5

The characters are all beginning to come together for the finale. Broadchurch and Sandbrook collide when Ricky turns up to see Alec, and then goes on to beat the living daylights out of Lee. But what is the bond between the two men? We see flashbacks of them playing hide and seek with the girls – and then of Lee and Kate having an affair. Lee admits he used rohypnol once, and that he got it from Ricky. But then there’s the creepy shot of Claire plaiting Philippa’s hair in the garden. Is she jealous?

Ellie, spurred on by her crappy situation, is on fire. With nothing to lose she works through the night reassembling the Sandbrook evidence in Alec’s house. “This case has done too much damage to everyone,” says Alec. “Not to me,” says Ellie. “I’m gonna solve it. I’m going to need your wall.”

At the same time, Alec’s health seems to be deteriorating and he goes to Jocelyn to get her to write his will. We learn that Jocelyn missed the boat relationship-wise and never told a certain someone (who could that be?) how she felt. We also find out why there’s so much tension between her and Sharon, as she refused to take Sharon’s son’s case. “A man died because of your boy,” she said, adding that she didn’t take the case because “I didn’t like you enough and I knew you’d blame me if I didn’t win”.

Broadchurch series 2 episode 5 ends with Ellie’s breakthrough – the last known location of Lisa’s phone in Portsmouth, and coincidentally (or not) the location of Thorpe Agri Services. Ellie discovered the name of this company scribbled on the back of a vehicle check form bundled in with all the old evidence. So she and Alec set off to investigate, letting themselves into a disused warehouse owned by the agricultural services company – the whole thing feeling very Silent Witness. As well as blood, a terrible smell and chains, they find an animal incinerator. As the ominous music builds, Alec asks, “Still think Lisa’s alive?”

You’ve got to admit it doesn’t look good. But what does it all mean? Where was Ricky for those two lost hours at the wedding, and where was Mark for an hour the night Danny died? And what is it with Claire and her infatuation with Lee?

With so many questions left to answer, can there really only be three episodes left?

What did you think of Broadchurch series 2 episode 5? Are you fed up of the slow pace? Let us know in the comments below!

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