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Broadchurch series 2 episode 7 review

WARNING: spoilers below

No need to check Twitter this week to discover the mood of the nation. As the credits rolled at the end of Broadchurch series 2 episode 7 there can’t have been a single viewer who didn’t scream at the television. We’re going to have to watch until the last minute – when everything (we hope) will be revealed.

But no complaints about the set-up. We’ve got all the pieces, they’re just not lined up yet. We’ve got a new ‘suspect’ (/red herring) Gary Thorpe, who took over Thorpe Agri Services after his father died. Gary had been following Lisa and also borrowed some money off Ricky. Then we’ve got the bombshell no one saw coming: Claire had an abortion when Lee was in custody.

As we would expect, both cases are gearing up to a conclusion. The jury in the Broadchurch case have come to a majority conclusion (at 9.59pm) and in Sandbrook we’re now led to believe that Lee really did do something bad – with or without Claire – but between them, they’re probably guilty in some way. Otherwise why else would we see a haunting image of him looking into an incinerator?

The Broadchurch defence attempts to throw suspicion on everyone other than Joe. After her snoop around Ollie’s house, Abby discovers that Ellie gave her sister £1000 on the day Joe was arrested ‘to pay off her gambling debts’. This is seen by the defence as a bribe to get Lucy to claim she saw Joe that night. The defence also insist that Mark killed Danny after Danny allegedly saw his father and Becca together, with Mark then moving the body with the help of Nigel. On top of this, they say, the police investigation was flawed due to Ellie’s violence towards Joe in custody. Either way, they claim there must be reasonable doubt it wasn’t Joe.

broadchurch series 2 episode 7

The Sandbrook case has been left more open. Gary, the new suspect, went out with Lisa a few times but didn’t go to the wedding the night the girls disappeared. “I fell for Lisa but she didn’t feel the same about me,” he says. “I used to follow her a bit. I’m not proud of it.” The night the girls disappeared he was in hospital. “I tried to kill myself.”

But Ricky is also still looking a bit dodgy, what with the photo of bluebells on his wall, and his work number saved in Claire’s phone.

Thankfully Alec is back on form now he’s had his operation, and has a new lease of life – as does Jocelyn who finally tells Maggie how she feels. Alec tells Lee, “After the operation the first thing I felt was angry – for the Gillespies, for Pippa, for Lisa.” Now he’s determined to get justice. He tells Lee about Claire’s baby, which leads to a violent confrontation between Lee and Claire in the sea and the two of them finally splitting up. “Can you trust me to keep your secrets?” asks Claire. “Can you trust me to keep yours?” replies Lee.

Meanwhile Ellie and Alec think they realise why Lee’s lying. He must have known about Gary and Thorpe Agri Services through Lisa – not Kate as he claimed, because she never worked there. So how close was Lee to Lisa?

Out of options, and spurred on by the vicar, the end of Broadchurch series 2 episode 7 sees Claire head back to court to tackle her demons face on. She hands Alec the stolen pendant – her pendant she says. As he’s screaming in anger, the Broadchurch verdict arrives – a majority decision – and Alec manhandles Claire into court. The key characters are all in that courtroom. It’s 9.59. The jury has reached a decision.

You know the rest. Needless to say, the internet is awash with theories. I’m staying away. It’s been seven weeks coming and I want to enjoy the finale for what it is. Great, gripping television.

Broadchurch Series 2 Episode 7

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