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Broadchurch series 2 episode 6 review

WARNING: spoilers below

It’s hardly surprising Broadchurch was trending on Twitter as the show went out this week. In a sign the series is really ramping up I had to take a peek to see what people were saying, just to make sure I wasn’t alone. Turns out I’m not. No one else knows what’s going on either or what that blasted pendant actually means.

Either which way, things are certainly moving – but the main questions remain. Did Joe do it, and if not why isn’t he shouting and screaming his innocence? He didn’t even deny his guilt to Paul, who refuses to continue visiting him since Joe clearly lacks any sense of remorse. And what is Alec’s connection with the two cases, beyond the obvious?

In the Broadchurch trial, we see Tom and Mark both take the stand. There are emotional scenes as Tom lies under oath to try and protect his father, claiming Mark told him he was guilty of Danny’s death. Jocelyn soon untangles his lies, and Tom retracts his accusation. Mark admits to meeting Tom in secret, explaining that it was an attempt to feel close to Dan and that he’s aware it looks “a bit odd”.

This is all news to Beth, who now realises where Mark was when he went AWOL – but that’s not all of it. Mark tells the court he was with Becca the night Danny was killed, and that in the hour that’s unaccounted for he was parked up in his car writing Beth a note saying their marriage was over because he’d met someone else. Cue (understandable) hysterics from Beth outside court. The defence suggests Mark killed Danny because he saw his father having an affair. It’s also revealed to the court that Mark got to see Joe in custody thanks to the unprofessionalism of the custody sergeant, Mark’s old friend. Sharon asks the judge to dismiss the case because proper judicial procedures were not followed – but thankfully the judge believes Joe can still get a fair trail and the case continues.

broadchurch series 2 episode 6

Ellie and Alec go back to Sandbrook and revisit the place Pippa was found. They’re both suspicious of Claire, and Alec decides to give her 48 hours to move out. She smashes the house up, then ends up getting nearly strangled by Lee. Predictably, the strangulation turns into sex.

This is all a bit disturbing, but something else isn’t right. Lee tells Claire they had a plan but she “screwed it”. They begin to look for somewhere to live together – but then Lee decides they can’t move with each other. Claire simply responds, “I’m not myself when I’m with you.”

Meanwhile Alec finally has his pacemaker operation, and his wife Tess comes to take him home. Ellie seems a little left out. Are there more to her feelings? Is Alec actually a bit of a player himself? Claire also implies he’s jealous of her and Lee.

In Broadchurch series 2 episode 6, we’re also presented with some new questions. Why does Abby really sleep with Ollie? What evidence does she steal from his house? And in the Sandbrook flashbacks, why does Lisa hate Kate so much when Kate is flirting with Lee?

Then finally we get to the pendant. Tess thanks Alec for covering for her when the pendant was stolen from her car. This is the same pendant that Pippa was wearing – but then we next see it in a picture of Claire in her own portfolio. Ellie’s heart stops. That pendant was found in Lee’s car, hence his arrest. The loss of evidence meant the case collapsed. Now we find out that Claire stole the evidence – that pendant – from Tess’s car. It kind of makes sense. Doesn’t it?

It’s reassuring to know I’m definitely not alone in my confusion. Whether Twitter users are loving or hating Broadchurch, there are a couple of things we agree on – one is Olivia Colman’s incredible acting, especially when she’s getting Tom to come back and live with her, and the other is that that after watching this latest episode we’re more confused than ever.

Broadchurch has basically removed my brain, tuned it inside out, and put it back in upside down,” said one tweet. I know how they feel. I’m going for a lie down. But I’m really, really looking forward to next week.

Broadchurch Series 2 Episode 6

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