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Broadchurch series 2 episode 8 review

So, that’s it – Broadchurch series 2 is over and we now have all the answers. The only thing we don’t know is what on earth they’ll do in series three now that all the loose ends from one and two have been tied up.

Broadchurch series 2 episode 8 got off to an explosive start, picking up exactly where last week’s episode had left off. The jury delivered their verdict in the Broadchurch case – not guilty. And no sooner than the family start to take in the news, DI Hardy is arresting Claire in the courtroom for the murder of Lisa Newbury and Pippa Gillespie.

Claire doesn’t give anything away in questioning. It’s only when Alec and Ellie call in Lee things start to get interesting. Once Lee realises Claire has handed over the pendant, he knows she means business. But does she just want to get everything off her chest, or does she really hope it will bring her and Lee back closer together?

broadchurch series 2 episode 8

Meanwhile Ellie gets the breakthrough – identical receipts for wood flooring two days apart, raising the question of why Lee required a new floor. “What happened to the first lot? What happened to your floor?” It’s the combination of the flooring and the pendant that breaks Lee. “The pendant proves Pippa was in your car that night,” says Alec. “That was the insurance policy. Claire stitched you up. And she never told you about the baby. You might have been in love, but you can’t trust anyone.”

Then it all unravels through a series of flashbacks. We see Lisa and Pippa go next door to Lee’s house the night of the murders, as Lisa’s stalker Gary Thorpe is hanging around outside. Lee beats him up then ends up having sex with Lisa in the lounge while Pippa is asleep in Lee and Claire’s bed. Ricky comes back early from the wedding and catches them at it. He goes mad, Lisa accuses him of being jealous and then he snaps, battering her on the floor and killing her.

Then things happen quickly. Claire arrives home, and Ricky tells her to give Pippa a drink from his hipflask to help her sleep. Ricky threatens to pin the murder on Lee if he thinks of going to the police – which shouldn’t be too difficult with Lee’s DNA  evidence all over her body. The two bundle Lisa into the back of a van and Ricky leaves to dispose of her body.

Claire gives Pippa the drink and finds out how much she knows – too much – so Lee smothers her while she is asleep to ensure she doesn’t talk. This bit does jar slightly and seems rather out of character for someone whose only fault up until this point had been infidelity.

When Ricky returns, Claire drives him to the wood and tells him Pippa reacted badly to the contents of the hipflask and died. She tells him she’s buried the hipflask somewhere in the field of bluebells, and should he ever think of blaming them she’ll dig it up and prove otherwise. She’s good is Claire. While in questioning, Ricky confesses and admits he buried Lisa in the graveyard.

Back in Broadchurch the community is reeling from the verdict. When Joe takes to the sanctuary of the church, the vicar hands him over to Nigel and Dan who drag him away, ignoring his screams. We’re made to wait, thinking maybe – just maybe – something really bad is going to happen. But with this being Broadchurch and not Silent Witness, instead of killing or torturing Joe they take him to face Ellie and Beth in the hut where Danny died and then force him to leave town to go and live in a halfway house in Sheffield. “You are dead to us now” says Ellie, “And if you ever try and contact your children, I will kill you, and unlike you I will face the consequences.”

The episode closes with the Millers and the Latimers on the beach hugging and close together again. It’s nice. And pretty emotional.

Broadchurch Series 2 Episode 8

Oh, but there are still two ends which are a little bit loose. Will Jocelyn and Sharon end up working together on Sharon’s son’s appeal? And where does Alec go next? From that wistful look on his face as he’s about to get into his taxi, I predict he’ll decide to stay put. But who knows. These are just little ends, and surely the stage is being set for a totally new case for series three. Right?

What did you think of Broadchurch series 2 episode 8? Let us know in the comments below!

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